How Weight Loss Happens without Exercise

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Handy Ways to Lose Weight without Resorting To Diet or Exercise

Losing excess weight is a priority for millions of overweight persons, but they find choosing the proper weight loss method difficult. There is a common perception that working out will help you become slimmer. While exercise positively impacts your fitness, it is not the only way to become narrower. Several factors cause obesity; you can try other measures to tackle this menace. Research has shown obese people can gain by making healthy diet and lifestyle changes.

Some Handy Measures to Lose Excess Fat Without Working Out

Alter how you cook: You may not have thought much about it, but changing your cook can help you shed excess fat quickly. You can make some critical changes to your cooking style. Below are some tried and tested measures useful for overweight people who cannot or do not want to exercise.

  1. You can use plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, and lean protein sources. You can also use leafy and seasonal vegetables.
  2. Evade deep frying foods and switch to boiling, baking, and sautéing.
  3. Use healthy cooking oils such as sunflower oil and olive oil.
  4. Stop using sauces, condiments, and ketchup that contain artificial sweeteners and ingredients. Use herbs like ginger and lemon juice to make dishes yummy.

Below are the tricks to reduce weight fast:

  • Focus On Eating More Fiber

Try to exclude calorie-heavy and low-nutrient foods from your platter. So, reduce carbs and focus on including more fiber-rich foods. For fiber, there is only so much better than fruits and veggies. When you eat fiber-dense foods, you do not get hunger pangs quickly. This helps you stick to weight loss goals.

  • Try To Sleep Well

If you do not sleep well, losing excess weight will be tedious. Sleeping woes disrupt hormonal activities in the body, studies have shown. When you are sleep deprived, hormone generation is affected, and you may feel prone to eating more than usual. This makes it harder to shed excess fat. So, ensure distractions to sleep are reduced. You may make changes to bedding and place of sleep as well.

  • Cope With Stress

Nowadays, most people are dealing with various types of stress. While this is almost inevitable, excessive stress can make it hard to lose body weight. When the stress hormone cortisol is at its peak, you are more likely to indulge in binge eating. This makes it hard to lose fat. So, combat stress to stay true to your weight loss goals. There is no fixed formula to overcome anxiety; you can try things like gardening, cooking, listening to music, etc. Even trying medication can be helpful in this regard.

  • Try Portion Control

Not many obese people know that they are eating more than necessary! You can try portion control to stop this. Just change the plates and dishes in your kitchen to one size smaller. This will keep the food amount within control. Also, reduce the food you eat and take smaller portions, sometimes.

  • Reduce Sugar Usage

If you consume a lot of sugar daily, losing excess weight will remain a dream. However, there will need to be more than just reducing sugar in making dishes and beverages in this regard. You have to be mindful of other sources of sugar in whatever you eat and drink. For this, you can do the following:

  1. Do not buy and drink energy drinks, aerated drinks, and OTC fruit juice variants. They are laden with sugar and preservatives.
  2. Stop or reduce using condiments like dressing in making a salad.
  3. Do not add sugar when you make smoothies and fruit juices at home. The natural sugar in fruits may suffice, or you may add some honey. Do the same when you make herbal teas.
  • Switch To Healthy Snacks

Snacking is a need that you cannot evade sometimes. On some days, you may get affected by hunger pangs. However, the urge to gorge on unhealthy, fast foods is what you have to control! Do not order a burger and pizza containing plenty of Trans fat and calories. Instead, eat some dry fruits or fresh fruits.

  • Eat Without Distractions

This is important when you are willing to shed excess weight. When you watch TV and eat simultaneously, you must control the amount. In such cases, you eat much more than the regular amount, leading to calorie overload. The same happens when you watch movies or content on your smartphone and eat. So, ensure you focus only on eating while having meals.

  • Stop Or Reduce Ordering Foods

The convenience offered by food delivery apps and services are hard to resist, especially for working professionals. When you order food through these apps, you have almost no control over how the food is being made. The restaurant may use excess sugar and oil, and you may eat oily, sugar-laden, and calorie-heavy dishes. However, only some people think of the health risks involved.

  • Make Healthy Changes To Your Lifestyle

Losing excess weight becomes faster and easier when you make healthy lifestyle changes. These include:

  1. You can set a time for watching TV. You become lethargic when you watch TV for long hours, and calorie burning reduces. Besides, people watching TV feel like munching on fast and junk foods.
  2. While you can evade hardcore workouts, becoming a little action is not that hard. You can do so by changing some habits that make you lazy. For example, you can walk to the market or take your dogs for a walk every day. Only use the car to cover long distances.
  3. Try to use the stairs and only use the elevator in the workplace or anywhere else.

Final Words

There are many ways to lose excess weight without resorting to heavy workouts. Most of these involve making changes to diet and lifestyle factors. However, it would help if you consistently incorporated the changes in your life.


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