How Kinotek is Using Technology to Lead the Future of Musculoskeletal Health 

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Joey Spitz, COO of Kinotek tells us about the digital movement analysis platform that delivers whole-body insights and motivation for their clients.

What is Kinotek?

Joey Spitz: Kinotek is a B2B SaaS platform that is a disruptor in the $57 billion global musculoskeletal healthcare market. Its innovative application measures a joint range of motion faster and better than the current method while delivering a 3D visualization of a client or patient’s body movement. We serve physical therapists, chiropractors, strength and conditioning coaches, and other professional clinicians and help the health of their clients, who include everyone from ordinary people recovering from surgery, and those experiencing age-related challenges, to student and professional athletes.

Tell us about you, your career, and how you founded Kinotek.

Joey Spitz: I have spent my career developing software and scaling tech companies. I have always been attracted to using technology to help humanity, and with Kinotek, I have the privilege to do that each day.

Do you have small habits that made a meaningful impact on your life and business?

Joey Spitz: I spend an hour each Friday writing thank you notes by hand. Building a company is never done alone. Pausing to reflect and express gratitude reminds me of the countless individuals who have guided me on this journey. Any success I am fortunate to enjoy is predicated on the help and wisdom of others.  

How does Kinotek market its product/services online?

Joey Spitz: Kinotek’s best advertisements are for our customers. Our users regularly post online about the incredible value and additional revenue they are generating with our technology. By including customers as partners in telling our story, we help foster community and create a relatable forum for prospective customers to understand how our software can enhance their businesses. 

What specific tools, software, and management skills are you using to manage your online marketing?

Joey Spitz: There is a misconception that effective digital marketing requires a big budget. When you truly understand your customer, you can create an authentic message that doesn’t require a large ad budget. We spend many hours talking to customers, understanding their pain points, and empathizing with their professional experiences. This enables us to speak to the issues that matter to them and market Kinotek effectively. 

What is your hiring policy/process, and how do you retain your employees?

Joey Spitz: One of the elements that most attracted me to entrepreneurship was the opportunity to make an impact; to create products and services that truly improve people’s lives. It is natural for this feeling to dissipate as a company grows. To ensure that we avoid this at Kinotek, we try to promote a horizontal structure where all employees, regardless of role or department, have a hand in crafting the company values and culture. Promoting a culture of transparency, inclusivity, and warmth has allowed us to retain our employees and foster an environment that people love being a part of.

How are you funding your growth?

Joey Spitz: We’ve been fortunate to go through two financing rounds and are now preparing for an upcoming Series A. I’d be remiss if I didn’t recognize the incredible help we have received from our home state of Maine, which has provided a number of grants that allowed us to mitigate the financial impacts of covid

Tell us a customer success story of yours.

Joey Spitz: The Kinotek visualizations are an incredibly effective patient education tool. A chiropractor who uses our technology recently shared a particularly challenging case with a new patient that was convinced he needed lumbar stenosis surgery. Once he could see his movement and muscle activation on the Kinotek visualization was a muscle strain and not stenosis, his entire demeanor changed. He accepted conservative care and had great results in just a few visits. In this case, Kinotek served as a second opinion and was instrumental in overcoming the patient’s obstacles.

Your final thoughts?

Joey Spitz: Keep going! There is often an illusion in tech that success happens overnight. Developing a successful product takes time, effort, and a great team. This often requires an obsession with understanding your customer’s needs, empathizing with their challenges, and creatively iterating on your product. Enjoy the journey as it unfolds, and keep learning.

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