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Kaur Reinjärv, CEO & Founder of GoGoNano tells us about its eco-friendly stain protectors and influencer marketing.

First of all, how are you and your family doing?

Kaur Reinjärv: Thank you very much for your question. My family and I are fine and, thankfully, haven’t been seriously affected by COVID-19. I wish everyone who has been affected personally or is currently dealing with it good health. It has impacted many people and businesses and will continue to do so in the near future. Hopefully not as serious as it started.

Tell us about you, your career, and how you founded GoGoNano.

Kaur Reinjärv: I’m a 31-year-old entrepreneur who has been involved in various businesses for the past ten years, starting right after graduating from high school. I’ve always been self-taught and obsessed with things I’m interested in and find fascinating. As I was not eager to begin working for anyone else, I had to find my own path.

My first business, which I started ten years ago, was a simple dropshipping company that worked with various consumer electronic suppliers who provided devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, cameras, and lenses. I found great partners all over the world and built it with no budget whatsoever. Everything was built from the ground up, including the website/programming, marketing, accounting, logistics, partners, and customer service. Because I was fascinated by all the business scenarios, I spent countless hours learning how to get into it. Later, one of my friends joined me, and things really took off. We made some sales after 4-5 months, but it was a too competitive area with low margins to enter into. I took it as my first lesson, which taught me a lot about how to run a business, find partners, and take good care of your customers. By that time, I also managed to study web development which gave me many new ideas.

Over the next years, I kept the company and started working in the nanotechnology field, more specifically water & stain protective coatings for regular customers. There were a couple of options available, but none were good enough, nor were they eco-friendly, even still not today. After much time, research, and collaboration with world leaders in the fields of molecular science and nanotechnology, our eco-friendly, non-toxic fabric protector, under the brand GoGoNano was born. Using only a natural substance called silicon dioxide (found commonly in sand or quartz) and manipulating this into a minute form allowed us to create a product that has surpassed many of the old mainstream protectors in performance and durability whilst not causing any harm to our bodies or the environment. Win-win if you ask us!

At GoGoNano, our mission is to raise awareness and provide a safe, affordable, and eco-friendly stain protector to the public.

How does GoGoNano market its product/services online?

Kaur Reinjärv: At GoGoNano, we use quite a few different approaches to market our products. Firstly, we use ordinary channels such as social media, including Facebook, Google Ads, and Instagram. Those are must be ways to market, at least with a small budget, to keep the brand’s reach and visibility.

For our company and products, we have found that the most effective way is to use influencer marketing. This can be done by yourself or someone from the company. There is also an option from third-party service providers who bring together brands and influencers. From my experience, try out as many influencers as possible and find the ones that are most interested in your brand. That way, you get yourself brand ambassadors who promote the brand continuously.

Using influencers allows you to repost and reuse the content, images, or videos generated on different platforms. Combine it with TikTok or other social media platforms to gain an even wider reach.

Secondly, use videos. The most popular way to promote your brand, products, or service is by using an introduction or promotive video material. It can be expensive, but it has more to gain if done according to plan and idea. Always think everything through before implementing any of the approaches.

Thirdly, I would say never forget your current customers, whether online or offline. If you do not have a physical store, they are probably online, which makes it even more important. To always contact your customers, you most definitely want to use email marketing. Email marketing, even today, has the highest ROI of all marketing opportunities. Build your list, keep them updated with fresh info, offers, coupons, etc. In 2022, personalization is the main topic in all of those approaches. The more familiar and personal you get with your customers, the higher the chance to keep them converting over time.

Those are the main approaches which we have found to be working best. Of course, everything depends on the products you try to market. Older methods still work and do not forget those – on & off-page SEO, guest posting, and content marketing. These methods also still work today.

How the coronavirus pandemic affects your business, and how did you get through it?

Kaur Reinjärv: The global coronavirus pandemic is affecting many businesses and people. Some benefit from it, while the majority suffer due to people being isolated and unable to go out and do things they are used to. For us, it’s only half true. We mostly conduct business online, using innovative and modern channels rather than the old retail business model, which is no longer as popular as it once was. Actually, we kept our revenue the same or slightly increased it, but not as much as planned. People are more concerned with essential and everyday products rather than more expensive solutions. That is why we developed a new product called Anti-Viral disinfectant/cleaner 2-in-1 to help fight against global pandemics in an innovative, sustainable and safe way. Pandemic has pushed our limits, and we know our capabilities better when something like that should hit us again.

What specific tools, software, and management skills are you using to manage your online marketing?

Kaur Reinjärv: We use a couple of regular tools such as Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google trends, and Mailchimp for email marketing.

We use Slack to keep everyone up to date with coming events, jobs, and to-do lists for team communication. I can also recommend Trello, which does the same work by keeping your team on the same page.

As a startup, our team is doing a lot manually to find out the best ways to get things going, scale the campaigns and modify if needed. Link building and monitoring are done via Ahref. Documents, files, images, and videos are shared via Google Drive.

Online chat marketing is done via Tidio, which I found is very important to keep direct contact with potential or current customers. In 2022, customers are looking to get an answer about your product or service within 15 minutes, not 24 hours, or even longer period.

Who are your competitors? And how do you plan to stay in the game?

Kaur Reinjärv: There is the competition like in any other sector. Nanotechnology is very new at the consumer level, so the competition is currently lower when compared with other sectors such as fashion, electronics, or household goods. Main competitors are large chemical producers who produce various coatings and cleaners. Locally, we are the largest manufacturer of nanocoatings & cleaners.

Current consumer-level protectors and cleaners that our main competitors produce are solvent-based and completely toxic, containing petrochemicals and PFCs. PFCs, also known as fluorocarbons, are toxic and carcinogenic, as well as persistent in the environment. These ingredients are hazardous to our health and reduce biodiversity. PFCs do not degrade easily and thus circulate from our water to our food and finally into our bodies. Furthermore, fossil fuel-based solvents (petrochemicals) are a limited resource that contributes to global warming and is thus unsustainable. Of course, there are some exceptions, but that comes from companies like us, who really care about the environment, not from big corporations that are run by money only.

As mentioned above, our mission is to raise awareness and provide safe, affordable, and eco-friendly stain cleaners and protectors to the public. Ecofriendly solutions are our long-term plan which we use to be a step ahead of the competition. Of course, other factors such as prices, raw material shortage, workforce, digitalization, and marketing have a high impact on staying in the game.

Your final thoughts?

Kaur Reinjärv: Finally, I believe it is critical to show people various innovative but safe possibilities that can truly improve our lives while also protecting our environment. People are becoming more concerned about the future, and nanotechnology is being taken more seriously. Many of us, I believe, want to leave a green and healthy place for our children so they can enjoy it as we have. We can’t drill out fossil fuels endlessly because of their limited resource. We cannot cut down all the trees and kill every living creature on our planet. We must start thinking more about our living environment and habits to protect and preserve, rather than use and throw away.

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