LinkedIn Hashtags: Trending Hashtags and Why You Should Use Them

LinkedIn Hashtags

Everybody wants their content to be visible, discoverable, and reach a wider audience.  Though there are many ways of achieving that, hashtags remain one of the powerful tools to make your content stand out on social media.

LinkedIn is a professional platform that enables like-minded people to connect and socialize.  These are individuals with similar career aspects.  Although a social media site for professionals, it’s also a reliable platform for HR departments, business owners, online marketers, and content creators who want to develop their networks.

LinkedIn likes and hashtags help professionals market their products and services as well as increase eyes on their posts. But hashtags keep on changing, so marketers must remain updated about them in order to build their brand.

In this post, we will share some of the trending LinkedIn hashtags.

What’s a Hashtag?

Basically, a hashtag can be explained as a metadata tag prefaced by the symbol #.  Marketers use hashtags consistently to give value to their content.  Trending hashtags supports your content to reach the right audience and maximum post engagement.

Social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter use hashtags to push content in front of a wider audience.  But, you must use relevant topical hashtags to boost impressions and get engagements in return.  Further, you can use them in different content types, including text and visual format content.

As a platform for professionals, LinkedIn gives you a good network.  Other benefits include learning, career growth, mentorship, socializing, etc.

Why Is It Important to Use LinkedIn Hashtags?

The following are the reasons why you should use hashtags in the content that you regularly share on LinkedIn:

  • Like grouping, they support your post by describing the relevant topic and subject.
  • Like keywords, they help your post gain clicks and organic impressions on LinkedIn.
  • Popular LinkedIn hashtags increase post engagements on trending subjects.
  • Relevant hashtags put your content in front of the target audience.
  • Putting the right hashtags on a business page or personal profile increases interactions with the target audience.

You shouldn’t limit your use of trending hashtags to only post engagements.  Instead, you can use them to expand your network in order to grow your connections on LinkedIn.  So then, actively interact with those who comment, like, and share your posts.  Use your hashtags to strengthen your network and grow your brand.

Why You Should Follow Other People’s LinkedIn Hashtags

Aside from putting hashtags in your own content to reach a wider audience, you can follow some for yourself.  This enables you to remain updated on the latest trends and news in your business topics.

Further, it helps you do better in your current job and find the next one.  Paying attention to the content in your timeline allows you to build both your personal and company brand.  Indeed people follow good curators of content and original sources of information.

Aside from creating your own content, you can build your brand by actively commenting, liking, and sharing content that can interest your network on LinkedIn.  In fact, this will gradually raise your LinkedIn profile without you having to generate any content.

Some of the most useful and memorable features of the LinkedIn community are comments on innovative use of designs, a great campaign, equal opportunities in the workplace, a feat of engineering, and a major product launch.

Trending LinkedIn Hashtags

The following are popular hashtags by category:

1.    For Digital Marketing





2.    For Hiring





3.    For Job Seekers






4.    For Lawyers





5.    For Management





6.    For Startups




7.    For Community




8.    For Technology




9.    For Health




10. For General Posts






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