Lyric Video Maker Apps: Top 5 Apps to Create Impressive Lyric Videos

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The consumption of videos has grown in recent years due to the increased usage of social media platforms by both individuals and businesses.  Developers, on the other hand, have designed tons of apps to help you create impressive videos for your target audience.

As a result, people can now create lyric videos with custom backgrounds and added sounds.  The lyric video maker apps have a large collection of songs with added lyrics.  These include birthday songs, love songs, trending songs, and more.

Each of these songs has lyric animations and sounds that you can hear and read.  You can also add multiple videos and images as your lyric video background.  Most of these lyric video maker apps let you edit the lyrics text, font, color, add effects and filters, and much more.  You can preview the final lyric videos using the preview player, share your videos on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms, or save it in MP4 video format.

Here are the top 5 lyric video maker apps for your android devices.

1.   Lyrical Photo Video Maker

The app provides its users with a large collection of theme videos that have added lyrics such as Milo Ho Tum, Love Me, Maquabla, Rose, etc.  These lyrics enable users to create beautiful lyric videos by selecting a video and adding more than 5 images in order to customize the lyric video background depending on their requirements.  One can share the video on the social media platform or save it locally.


The video status-making app can create 30s short videos with pictures.  It has a grand music library in multiple languages to search for your favorite song and add it as the theme song for your video.  The inbuilt song lyrics categorize the sounds into friendship, love, romantic, sad, etc.

You can also beautify your videos using text, images, stickers, cute particles, and effects, as well as create an impressive scenario using leaves, hearts, and raindrops.  Additionally, you can edit the font of the lyrics animation and share the final video on social media platforms.

3.   Lyrically

The lyric video maker is designed to help you make video status for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.  The app has different genres of short music videos with music, including oldies, latest, popular, romantic, etc.

The process of making videos begins by selecting a lyric video, then adding or replacing existing images with new ones in order to make a custom lyric video.  However, the app doesn’t allow you to change the lyrics and their properties.  The other key feature includes Share, which lets you share the lyric video on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.  Also, the app automatically saves the video in the form of MP4 video.

4.   Beely

The free lyric video maker app has different audio clip types with lyrics on them from multiple languages, including birthday songs, patriotic songs, popular songs, trending songs, and more.  You can easily create your own video by selecting inbuilt songs with lyrics and adding visual themes to create a lyric video.

Beely lets you adjust the lyric text style, background, video screen ratio, etc.  You can import and add external images to the lyric video.  Other features include Slideshows that enable you to add multiple images to create custom slideshows.  WhatsApp Status Saver lets you save other users’ WhatsApp status, while Instagram Stories Saver allows you to save Instagram stories.

5.   Lyrics Video Status

The free lyric video maker app enables users to create beautiful lyrical videos using its collection of Hindi songs.  Users can add custom images on the background, edit and enhance font text and images of the lyrics.

You can view all the lyric videos you have created using the app on the My Creation.  Use the Share feature to share the final videos using Email and internal messaging apps.

Which is your favorite lyric video maker app?  You can share the app you use to make lyric videos in the comment section of this post.

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