Graphic Designo – How It Became A Leading Animation Studio In India

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Mr. Mohd Danish, CEO, and Co-Founder of Graphic Designo tells us how the company is a leading animation company.

First of all, how are you and your family doing? 

Mohd Danish: I am good, and my family is also doing great. Thank you for asking. It was a challenging time for everyone, and I hope we will never face any more Covid-19 waves. How are you?

Please tell us about yourself and how you founded Graphic Designo.

Mohd Danish: Graphic Designo was just a simple idea that came to two young minds, me and my older brother Mohd Zeeshan, the idea came when I was in school, and we got very excited about it, so immediately we started working on it the next day. At that time, I also had my school education work, and my brother had his own college work to do, so it was not that easy to give much time to our start-up.

I was an average student coming from a commerce background, but my passion was always about business and arts, so with the help of the idea of Graphic Designo, I combined both and started a business related to arts and animation.

It was a long journey that started with lots of effort, as we had decided to take on a big challenge by doing a business with literally zero investment in it, we just had a borrowed laptop and limited access to the internet at that time, we faced lots of difficulties and obstacles in our journey. I used to complete all the projects by myself in the beginning as we could not afford to hire artists for them. But it was always full of enjoyment for me, as I was doing what my passion was.

We keep improving the business gradually, making more people attracted to us. We started gaining the trust of more clients because of our innovative approach and focus on the quality of the work, not the quantity.

But the time changed, and now we are a well-known animation studio worth millions of dollars, with 50+ permanent artists and 2 branches in the country and one branch outside the country.

Tell us more about Graphic Designo and how it innovates? 

Mohd Danish: Graphic Designo is a leading animation company now in India. We are specialized in all kinds of animation work and have already successfully completed some big-name projects. There are very few animation studios that produce classical animation or anime in India, and I can proudly say that we are one of them.

Our unique approach to this industry makes us stand out in this competitive era. Each and every artist at Graphic Designo is well skilled and trained specifically to work in our studio. I personally keep track and check the quality of the work and make sure that we are providing the best quality of work to our clients.

How the coronavirus pandemic affects your business, and how did you get through it?

Mohd Danish: Facing the last Covid-19 pandemic was not that tough for us, as we already had an idea that a lockdown would come into action and we would have to go work-from-home again, so we had already prepared ourselves to face it and already have plans that how we will manage it this time.

We shifted the whole staff from the studio to work from home. We provided necessary hardware and support to our artists, like computers, so that they can easily and smoothly work from home. We kept all the communication through Skype while working from home and used other online tools to help.

How do you manage and complete your projects?

Mohd Danish: So it’s a long and complicated process to create animated videos and films. The process actually depends on the project and its requirements. But I can explain it briefly.

Every project starts with great and detailed communication with clients and their creative team to understand what is the scope of the project and exactly what our clients imagined in their minds. Then we brainstorm and have group meetings internally with our team to find the creative possibilities and how we can achieve better than the expectations. Then we start planning for each and every step. We mostly do lots of experiments in this stage to explore new styles and techniques that we can use in the project. After we have a nice plan, we move towards the pre-production step like making concepts, storyboarding, characters, color sheets, etc.

When pre-production ends, the real magic starts, and we start doing some initial animation. And when we know how the production will proceed and get an idea of every possibility. We do production with full force to complete the project before the deadlines so that we will get some extra time for final touch-ups. After completing all this work, we process the post-production work, where our VFX and composition artists handle the project and convert a raw diamond into a polished and finely cut diamond that is ready to get published.

I personally keep track of each step in this whole process. I personally check the output and do required revisions to achieve the best quality possible. I try to check each and every file by myself, as I believe you should contribute to your business at each stage. That’s how you can give a good shape to your company and achieve your long-term goals.

Who are your competitors? And how do you plan to stay in the game?

Mohd Danish: Keeping adapting the latest techniques, styles, and technology is the most important in our industry, so we always have competition with ourselves because the day when we will stop improving will be the day we will stop growing. We always have to give better than our past projects. That’s what we call growth.

Your final thoughts?

Mohd Danish: Every successful story has lots of struggles and challenges behind it, but if we can make those challenges enjoyable and fun, then we can achieve everything in our lives. The covid-19 pandemic was just a challenging scenario for everyone, and it was not easy to survive it, but good planning and hard work can beat every challenge, and you will not realize when you reached your goal and survived all the challenges.

Just keep focused, motivated, and passionate about your work, and then you can achieve everything that you ever dreamed of.

Where can we get more information about Graphic Designo?

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