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In an ever-evolving business landscape, the ability to efficiently manage project portfolios is crucial for organisations to succeed. Power PPM, developed by Projectum, addresses this need by offering a comprehensive suite of tools that enhance project and portfolio management capabilities. The product is designed to integrate seamlessly with the Microsoft Power Platform, harnessing its capabilities to provide a solution that fits the modern workplace.

Power PPM enables project managers and stakeholders to navigate through the complexities of various projects with greater ease and efficiency. By offering features that cover the entire project lifecycle — from initiation and planning to execution and closure — this tool facilitates a more structured and data-driven approach to project management. It does so while working in concert with scheduling tools like Microsoft Planner, Project for the web, and Azure DevOps.

Underpinned by the robust foundation of the Microsoft Power Platform, Projectum’s Power PPM extends its utility by driving alignment across different organisational functions. It aids in resource management, financial forecasting, and provides a real-time overview of project performance, which empowers businesses to make informed decisions and strategically allocate resources. Projectum’s acclaim by industry analysts such as Gartner highlights its effectiveness and the trust it has garnered within the IT and project management communities.

Capabilities of Power PPM

Power PPM is a comprehensive project portfolio management suite designed to facilitate strategic portfolio management, project and resource management, and deliver insightful reporting and analytics. It boasts a broad set of features aimed at supporting digital transformations and streamlining project management processes.

Strategic Portfolio Management

Power PPM enables robust portfolio management capabilities, supporting organisations in their decision-making processes. It features portfolio simulation tools, aiding in the selection and prioritisation of projects. Financial forecasting is an integral component, allowing for real-time financial grids that facilitate budgeting, forecasting, and financial analysis, including the calculation of Estimate to Complete (ETC) and Estimate at Completion (EAC).

Project and Resource Management

This solution streamlines project execution with its Team Planner and resource heatmap, aiding project managers in efficiently managing resource demand. The platform provides resource management features that help with maximising utilisation and forecasting future resource needs. Time registration software is integrated to enhance resource management and provide accurate tracking of project efforts.

Reporting and Analytics

The best project management solution is stacked with powerful reporting and analytics features. Users have access to reports, views, and dashboards, offering deep insights into project status and enterprise analytics. This facilitates a clear visualisation of data, aiding PMO solutions in maintaining control over their portfolio.

Integration and Usability

Integrating seamlessly with Microsoft’s suite of applications, including Planner and Project for the web, Power PPM extends its functionality. It also supports connections with external scheduling tools like DevOps. This data platform is user-friendly, boasting a modern Power Hub that centralises project information, making it easily accessible and improving the overall user experience for project teams.

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