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Shahzad Atta of Techliance tells us how to succeed in business transformation with technology. 

Tell us about you and your career and how you founded Techliance?

Shahzad Atta: Like the majority of founders and technology entrepreneurs, I also have a specialty in computer sciences. I started way back in 2003 as a software engineer. Being the CEO of a tech company can be considered coincidental or fate.

However, I always found a disconnect between the availability of resources and the software development of products and apps. The good resources were spread out so far, which made the resource pool inadequate. Eventually, the developed products are not at a par level, lacking serious depth, growth, and quality.

How is this useful for any company when you cannot think long term capacity and value for your business?

That’s when my co-founders (Khurram Elahi and Doug Roylance) and I decided to work together and establish Techliance. In 2008, outsourcing projects was a different concept from what it is now. But we have stayed true to providing the highest quality of standards to companies that employ us on various levels of project engagement.

Do you have small habits that made a meaningful impact on your life and business?

Shahzad Atta: I have always believed in being a meticulous planner. When you plan well, execution follows automatically. I always practice the concept of iteration in all of my work.

Because smaller steps defining the bigger picture can intermittently knit together, I also believe in meditating and savoring the nature around us. A short pause in the middle of things can certainly be helpful.

Especially if it’s getting a bit too much on your plate, just pause, catch your breath and remember that it’s all good. You cannot even imagine the power of positivity if practiced as a regime throughout the day.

How does Techliance market its products/services online?

Shahzad Atta: One sentence only: Techliance.com!

I take great pride in introducing my company’s e-card. That’s what I’d like to call our website, as it showcases our expertise, capabilities, resource models, and all the great work we have done for other companies.

Let me clarify that we are not selling any products online. We are outsourcing our services to enable other businesses to expand their horizons online. Techliance is making a difference as technology solution providers, and we will continue to strive for excellence in all we do.

What is your hiring policy/process, and how do you retain your employees?

Shahzad Atta: You probably will be surprised, but we have long-term resources. 70% of them have been working with us for 5 years or more. Our employee turnover rate is very low.

It starts with a careful hiring process where we handpick resources through a variety of interview rounds and assessment tests. Then, we do a general 1-1 where we evaluate a resource’s fit with our culture and organization. All of this is very important because we don’t just want to increase our staff.

We want individuals who are great contributors and believe in adding value to the business. Retention comes when employees are rewarded not just in compensation but through great growth opportunities that keep them excited. So, it’s a great mix of all the right elements to have happily retained employees for the long-term.

How are you funding your growth?

Shahzad Atta: We are a self-capacitated company that has grown in revenue through project sustenance mode. Some of our clients have continued to do business with us over the years. They have become regulars for all efforts, including new development, post-production support, and even further expansion.

This has been vital in helping us sustain our growth, both in terms of revenue and getting more business. Sure, when companies set off, you have to cut some corners. But in that sense, we have been very lucky with our co-founder Doug Roylance.

He has done some amazing business development to ensure we have a steady flow of projects coming our way. Now, the majority of funding comes through long-term projects that have been with us for many years. In addition, we are also happy to accommodate short-term gigs to keep our staff busy.

Techliance outsources its developers and tech resources on various engagement models as per business requirements. There is no such thing as one size fits all in this line of business. We have been open to experimentation — and I’m happy to share that we’ve witnessed a steady revenue stream.

What specific tools, software, and management skills are you using to manage your online marketing?

Shahzad Atta: Our in-house digital marketing team works attentively to provide us with various online marketing options. We are proud of our insightful technology blog, which showcases great articles about technology, our services, and business success stories. Our team is very close-knit, with a great focus on understanding different market techniques.

They ensure that we not only manage our marketing but also provide great custom SEO solutions to our clients. We are spinning the nuance of SEO tools to build online traction. Also, we’ve created insightful collateral that is used for engaging our customers through demos, social media, and search engines.

How do you plan to stay in the game against your competitors?

Shahzad Atta: Back in 2008, I would have liked to think of us taking on the market leaders in a particular segment. But now, with a stable and mature business model, we are not in direct competition with anyone. At the same time, the hybrid nature of our business model puts us against top guns in several verticals.

We do take inspiration from the leading IT services and staff augmentation firms globally and in the United States. Surely, several mid-sized technologies and service-oriented companies in the market are more or less following our pattern. But we take great pride in differentiating ourselves as we have a cost-effective model with no compromise on quality.

I want to emphasize that our services are not cheap either. But we want our customers to get the most out of their money without thinking there is any catch. Also, at Techliance, we are very cautious about this market niche. Thus, we will keep going at it by continuously delivering exemplary products to our clients worldwide and in the USA.

Tell us a customer success story of yours.

Shahzad Atta: There are so many that it’s hard to point at one client’s story. But let me talk of one of our earlier collaborations that is still ongoing. Group Travel Videos is a unique app that allows travel companies to give travelers the most memorable picture collages.

It’s a great way to engage people to capture their best moments without ever worrying about losing all the fun. We were so indelibly connected with the idea of making the GTV app work on so many levels. So, I made sure our A-team was associated with the development of the app.

This is not just about understanding what your customer wants. You also have to build something that adds value to their user base too. So, we ran discovery workshops and conducted a thorough business analysis to understand their problem.

Therefore, we delivered them a solution that is aided with great UI/UX concepts as well. The result is not just a satisfied client. GTV app boosts happy customers also who all have great feedback for the app.

Your concluding thoughts?

Shahzad Atta: I’m so delighted to be featured by Tubetorial, frankly. This is a pleasure to talk about some of my experiences managing Techliance. The team at Techliance and I take pride in the work we have been able to accomplish so far.

But the road isn’t ending for us. It spans out to so many avenues that we intend to explore. We are looking outwards for great examples of excellence to get inspired in the digital transformation of the business world. Hence, at Techliance, we are very eager about what the future holds for us. look at our blog to learn about futuristic technologies and trending ideas in the tech landscape. Just feel free to reach out at info@techliance.com to discuss your project needs and resource augmentation requirements.

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