The Easiest Way To Monetize Your WordPress Website

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Those who want to monetize their WordPress website need a strategy that doesn’t cost much up front and is easy to implement. If that’s the position you’re in, here are several ideas to make the monetization process simple and easy:

Start slowly with PPC ads

If you’re new to PPC ads, you might be intimidated by the idea of competing for keywords. You also might not like the idea of having software engage in a bidding war automatically. These are valid concerns.

Competing for keywords isn’t as chaotic as it sounds but it does get expensive. Generally speaking, on any advertising network, you can advertise with any keywords (within the guidelines), but if other companies are willing to pay more to use those keywords, you’ll have to pay more, too. This gives the advertising agency a higher profit for keywords that are more popular.

The good news is you don’t need the most popular keywords to run a successful PPC campaign. Using niche keywords will help. Niche keywords are keywords and phrases that target a narrower market than your overall market. For example, if you sell shoes made from a variety of fabrics, including non-leather materials, you could potentially tap into the vegan market. To do this, you’d come up with keywords that appeal to vegans and use them in your PPC ads.

Niche keywords are often far cheaper than popular keywords. The competitive keywords, like “cars” and “candy” are often monopolized by large corporations with even bigger ad budgets.

Whether it’s PPC ads, sales pages, or sales pages, targeting niche markets is the easiest way to build a revenue-generating WordPress website.

Contract a portion of work to a professional agency

Nobody has time to do everything themselves. Hiring a professional marketing agency to cover some of your tasks gives you an advantage. An agency that knows your industry well knows how to promote your website in an engaging way across advertising networks and social media. They’ll get you high-quality leads and lower your cost per click.

Although building your own sales pages is popular, and there are plugins and themes built specifically as preformatted sales pages, getting it right takes marketing knowledge. A professional agency will have market analysts, graphic designers, and copywriters available to create your sales pages professionally.

Contracting a portion of your marketing tasks to an agency gives you an advantage others in your industry probably aren’t utilizing. Some of the top achievements an agency can produce for you, according to Melbourne Media, include:

  • Remarket to a segment of your Facebook audience that has engaged with your posts. For instance, people who watched more than 50% of a video or clicked a specific link can be served a custom ad only they see.
  • Publish your ads across Facebook’s Canvas Ads. These ads are mini websites on Facebook’s platform and get better conversion rates than standard ads.
  • Promote your website on Instagram’s Shoppable, where products can be linked directly to your webpages.

Take the time to build a strong audience

You want an audience that hangs on your every word. That takes time to create, and not everyone becomes a sensation. Still, compelling content launches the popularity of bloggers like Ree Drummond, also known as The Pioneer Woman. She has a successful blog, her own cooking show, and a line of cookware. Her success didn’t happen overnight. She had to build her audience slowly by creating content they couldn’t wait to read. She lives in an interesting life many can relate to.

Don’t focus on “merch” until you’ve got an audience

When you read articles like How I Profited $100,000 on Teespring in Just 5 Months it makes you think, “I can do that, too!” While it’s possible, like anything, it takes time and intense effort to make it work. The author himself shares that it took him twenty-two campaigns to come up with a winning design.

T-shirts are a popular item, but you need designs people want to buy. If you’re not a graphic artist, you’ll need to hire one, and that takes time and money.

When you’ve got loyal visitors, it’s easier to sell them products like your custom designed t-shirts, and they’ll be more likely to take your recommendations for your affiliate products.

Keep an ongoing marketing budget

It takes money to make money. Keep an ongoing marketing budget to maintain your flow of relevant traffic to your website. Monetizing your blog depends on your ability to generate the right traffic, and that relies on advertising.



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