The importance of graphic design in advertising

graphic design in advertising

Advertising is a world where every moment counts, and a lot depends on the first impression. In this area, there is a three-second rule – that’s how long it takes for a person to look at a banner, leaflet or packaging and get information about a product. With the help of colour combinations, illustrations and other graphic design tools, advertising tells the customer about the brand, product benefits, current promotional offers, etc. in a few moments. For a client to be able to correctly “read” such an advertising message, the designer needs to take into account the needs of the target audience, understand the peculiarities of colour perception and be able to evoke emotions in people.

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is a visual communication tool that is not limited to advertising. There are areas that are not related to marketing, such as the design of signs, signs, and the development of user interfaces in programs and mobile applications (UI). Designers working in these areas need to convey information in the most accessible way possible and help people navigate in space.

Graphic design in advertising serves other purposes. According to Novodek experts¬†, a relevant design should attract customers’ attention to an advertising product and stand out from the competition. The designer solves this task by using artistic means:

  • colour accents;
  • contrasts;
  • lines;
  • spots;
  • abstraction;
  • scaling;
  • motion effects, etc.

The role of graphic design in advertising

It is difficult to overestimate the role of graphic design as an element of business promotion. It can both draw the attention of a million-strong audience to a service or product and lead to a loss of customer loyalty. A designer bears a certain responsibility for the success or failure of their work. He must not only follow the marketing strategy, but also take into account the characteristics of the target audience. For example, premium car design is aimed at people with high incomes, while sporty clothing style attracts the attention of active people.

The design profession requires the ability to analyse the situation, constantly interact with the team and find non-standard solutions for common things. It is necessary to constantly develop and follow the trends and innovations in this field, as well as changes in the market. When developing an advertising graphic design for a lightbox, banner, etc., you need to keep in mind its main goals:

  • attracting customers’ attention to the company, goods and services;
  • emphasising the uniqueness of the brand and its products against the background of competitors;
  • encouraging the target audience to contact the company or use its services.

Graphic design is not only an opportunity to draw attention to an advertising product, but also a powerful tool for creating a positive brand image and attracting new customers. The success of an advertising campaign and the competitiveness of a product on the market depend on the right design.

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