UK A Levels vs International A Levels

A levels

UK A Levels

A Levels, short for Advanced Level examinations, are a set of standardized subject-based exams taken by students in the United Kingdom and some other countries, usually at the age of 16 to 18. A Levels are typically taken after completing the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) exams, which are usually taken around the age of 16.

A Levels are an important part of the education system in the UK and are often used for university admissions. They are recognized internationally and are considered to be a significant qualification for entry into higher education institutions. A Levels offer students the opportunity to study subjects in more depth and specialize in areas of interest. With the availability of online A Levels, this prestigious qualification is available to anyone.

Students typically choose three or four subjects to study for their A Levels, although the exact number can vary. The subjects are usually chosen based on the student’s intended area of study at university or their career aspirations. Each subject is examined independently, usually through a combination of written exams and, in some cases, coursework or practical assessments.

The grading system for A Levels in the UK traditionally ranges from A* (the highest grade) to E, with U indicating “ungraded” for those who do not achieve a passing grade. The results obtained in A Level exams play a crucial role in determining a student’s eligibility for university admission and the specific programs they can enrol in.

It’s worth noting that educational systems and terminology can vary from country to country, so while A Levels are a well-known qualification in the UK, other countries might have different systems for assessing students’ readiness for higher education.

International A Levels

In comparison, International A Levels, often referred to as “Cambridge International A Levels” or “Edexcel International Advanced Levels,” are a variation of the traditional British A Levels. These qualifications are offered by several international examination boards, most notably Cambridge Assessment International Education (Cambridge International) and Pearson Edexcel and are designed for students outside of the United Kingdom. Although studied world-wide, international A Levels are still available as online A Levels, therefore making them available to learners who are unable to attend traditional schools and colleges.

International A Levels are recognized globally and are commonly used for university admissions in various countries. They are popular among international schools and students who wish to pursue higher education abroad or in their home countries. The curriculum and assessment methods of International A Levels are generally similar to those of UK A Levels, but there might be some differences based on the examination board and specific country regulations.

Like UK A Levels, International A Levels usually involve students choosing a set number of subjects to study in-depth. These subjects are examined through a combination of written exams and, in some cases, coursework or practical assessments. The grading system and subject options might vary between different examination boards, but they typically follow a structure similar to the UK A Level system.

International A Levels are known for their academic rigor and are valued for developing critical thinking, research skills, and subject-specific knowledge. They provide students with a pathway to higher education and a chance to specialize in their chosen subjects.

International A Levels continue to be an important qualification for students seeking admission to universities worldwide. However, I recommend checking with the relevant examination boards or educational institutions for the most up-to-date information about International A Levels and their recognition.


In conclusion, A Levels are available by LearnNow to learners world-wide and all learners have the same opportunities with the accessibility of online learning.

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