Ways to create a logo

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A good logo is an effective way to not only get to know about your business, but also generate interest for further engagement with your brand.

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What is a logo

A logo is a unique graphic sign or symbol that provides recognition in the market. Similar symbols are used by various commercial and non-commercial companies, government organizations, as well as individuals. The logo is also applied as a trademark to various products.

The logo is needed to form the image, people usually identify the brand by it and form the first impression about it. It is needed for several other reasons:

  • stand out from competitors;
  • protection of goods from fakes;
  • reflection of the values ​​of the company;
  • creating positive associations for customers.

Types of logos

There is a standard classification of logos:

Graphic. Logo data consists only of a picture that reflects the essence, values ​​or principles of the company. This type is less common on the market, but it is remembered better. Such emblems may contain various signs and symbols, abstract elements or key characters of the company.

Text. On such signs, on the contrary, only text is indicated, there are no graphic elements. But this is not a simple text, but a stylized company name. At the same time, the inscription stands out for the most part in a beautiful font.

Combined. Such a logo contains both text and graphic elements. This also includes emblems in which the text is inside the image.

How to create a logo

Almost all creative tasks require a systematic approach for their successful completion. Logo design is no exception. We analyzed the logo creation technology and identified the main steps to its creation:

  1. Studying the company and its competitive environment. Development begins from this most important stage, it depends on the activities of the company how the future logo will look and how it will affect customers, this stage is aimed at finding and creating a unique graphic sign that will differ from competitors.
  2. Sketch development. In order for a logo to appear, it must first be developed on paper, the principle of sketches is aimed at quantity, not quality. It is necessary to draw options on paper until the ideas are exhausted, this is useful in finding the optimal solution.
  3. Choice of a graphic editor. In the modern world there are a huge number of graphic editors, the only question is the personal preferences of the logo artist, the author chooses the graphic program in which he is most comfortable working, and the graphic editor also performs the function of transferring the sketch version to digital in order to continue working with it.
  4. Choice of corporate colors and font. The colors in the logo play a special role, aesthetic and psychological, the further success of the logo will depend on the choice of corporate colors, either it will attract and form a positive impression or repel or seem boring and incomprehensible. The font should be in harmony with the color and reveal the essence of the company.

A high-quality and memorable logo is a perfect combination of symbols, shades and fonts. This is all that most informatively tells about the work of the enterprise, its focus and strategy for further development.

A logo is the basis of a future brand, its main element, so the creation of a logo should be taken very carefully.



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