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Yashu Kapila BugRaptors

Yashu Kapila of BugRaptors tells us how they validate your digital solutions with world-class QA services.

Tell us about you, your career, and how you joined BugRaptors.

Yashu Kapila: I would like to introduce myself as the CEO of BugRaptors, a Seasia group company and one of the leading software testing and quality assurance services providing brands in the world.  

Pursuing my interest in technology, I started my career journey back in 2006, working as a QA consultant. Be it manual testing, automation testing, or exploring the basics and advanced lessons of client management, I gave 10 big years of my life to Quality Assurance Services before taking on the position of COO and then CEO of BugRaptors in 2016. 

From delegating and directing agendas to managing the organizational structure, I always focus on creating resilient business strategies. Besides, I am extremely active when it comes to inside and outside communications as I believe networking and coordination at internal and external levels are two extremely important factors that define your business success.  

The moment I entered the IT industry, the bigger picture turned out to be my inspiration. Considering the ever-going digitalization, I saw the potential QA could unleash for technology and, therefore, the digital transformation initiatives. I have watched the growth of the QA industry and the need for software testing solutions very closely. Therefore I aspire to make BugRaptors a brand synonymous with Quality Assurance creating a safe, secure, and quality-rich digital world.  

Do you have small habits that made a meaningful impact on your life and business? 

Yashu Kapila: Indeed! When we talk about people who have been an inspiration for the world, those are actually the personalities that were not built overnight. When you need to lead the change, your habits, values, and character create the most impact. 

Be it personal or professional life, I have this very strong belief that the way we think, the way we feel, and the habits that we are indulged in have a huge impact on our lives. I have this habit of writing and setting my goals for the day as soon as I wake up. I write my “things to do” list on a daily basis, and then those little goals help me to prioritize the things that need my most attention.  

Besides, I always try to spare some time out of my routine and interact with people at BugRaptors to understand different perspectives, thought processes, and visions. This habit helps me to plan better and focus on goals that are beneficial for all, goals that actually create value. 

In a nutshell, I feel it is necessary to have these small habits in our lives. It not only adds more meaning and discipline to your routine but helps you create more purpose-driven life. 

How does BugRaptors market its product/services online?  

Yashu Kapila: As things have changed drastically, especially when it comes to the IT world, marketing, I believe, has turned out to be an extremely crucial factor behind the change. Improved marketing efforts have not only created awareness in the industry but have taken service providers closer to those in need of services.  

Considering the importance of marketing, we at BugRaptors try to harness the potential of social media and many other marketing channels, taking our entire range of standard and specialized QA services to the online market. Be it our website, mail marketing, or search engine marketing initiatives. We ensure highlighting the essential industry stats to help users reimagine software testing. Besides, we try our best to showcase case studies to underline our vertical expertise and promote the word for our on-demand testing services. 

As long as it is concerned with highlighting our products/services, we work it by harnessing the potential of business listing platforms. Besides, we have a well-established online reputation, which brings us business through clients’ word of mouth.  

Also, in order to foster our digital presence, we constantly keep on updating our websites as well as our social profiles to ensure better digital engagement.  

What specific tools, software and management skills are you using to manage your online marketing? 

Yashu Kapila: Here at BugRaptors, we have always believed in keeping ourselves updated in all aspects. Our marketing team works well to search for and acknowledge new trends and innovations in the market. We are using HubSpot, which has truly helped us make our marketing funnel smooth.

Besides, we constantly monitor Google Analytics and other reporting tools for managing leads, social media, SEO, website, blogs, emails and analytics; it helps in almost everything required in the current online marketing landscape. Also, it helps us to track every action by every visitor. While making us understand what we are delivering and what future strategies must be planned for greater efficiency. 

Other than this, our team works to incorporate all the strategies that deliver valuable content and truly speak to the audience.  

What is your hiring policy/process, and how do you retain your employees? 

Yashu Kapila: We have a very smooth hiring process, where we hire individuals entirely based on their skills and knowledge. We are always open to having new people in our team who have ethics, modesty, and a zeal to learn engraved in their persona.  

And whenever we come across some passionate people, we always aim to provide the best to them in terms of learning facilities, support, and skill-building. Above all, we love to have people who stand in solidarity with the team backing them during all highs and lows. 

As long as it comes to retention, we keep our focus on encouraging very transparent conversations within the team as well as management. With the objective to make BugRaptors a fun place to work, we practice independence of thought at the organization allowing people to work together, enjoy together, and succeed together.  

How are you funding your growth? 

Yashu Kapila: Talking about growth, I believe a well-thought strategic growth plan is the only tool that can help you fund growth. As long as it is concerned with funding our growth, BugRaptors has access to all the essential resources necessary to drive our growth initiatives. We are a part of Seasia Group, one of the most renowned IT service provider brands established in the Northern region of India, the United States, and other parts of the globe.  

In simple words, we are entirely a bootstrapped organization, and everything related to our finances is funded through the business we make. All in all, we are going strong as a financially independent organization.  

Who are your competitors? And how do you plan to stay in the game? 

Yashu Kapila: Though QA was quite an explored industry, in the beginning, the potential it brings out of software technology and other digital solutions has expanded it dynamically. And therefore, we have some highly prominent names on the list of our top competitor brands. Some of these include Qualitest, Capgemini, QAMentor, A1QA, etc.  

Nevertheless, competitors here only refer to the organizations that are doing some amazing work within the same industry. Besides, I strongly believe it is about understanding the need of the clients, creating a relevant solution, and working on an impactful outcome is something that makes the difference.  

Rather than getting glued to monitoring what competitors are doing all day, I believe in exploring the clients’ pain points and understanding the tech advancements made in the industry. After all, the only thing that can help you outshine in the market is being the best in what we do. 

Above all, we have the vision to be the most employee-friendly organization in all the regions we operate by creating a culture where people are heard for their opinions and point of view. This is best a company can do its best to outshine other competitors.   

Tell us a customer success story of yours. 

Yashu Kapila: Every customer story becomes successful when a team proactively helps the client solve their problems. We make sure that we are available for all the clients’ technical queries while maintaining transparency throughout all the communications. I personally believe that reliable and effective delivery of the services would help any company gain loyal clients and BugRaptors excels in that! 

Though most of the clients come with several experiences, one client story I could recall was from a leading travel service providing firm in the US that wanted us to help them with their application performance testing. However, being uninformed about taking the digital leap, the client was unable to understand the challenges related to globalization and localization testing with their app as they wanted to work for the European and Asian regions too.  

We assisted the client in understanding the risks and essential areas of consideration, allowing them to create an app that fetched them successful revenue growth. All in all, it was all about ethics that mattered to us as we want anyone entering the digital arena for business purposes to succeed in their ventures. Working that way not only helps us cultivate positive feedback but experience a greater sense of achievement.  

Testing the application not only helped the client to understand the potential flaws in the development process but enabled an active digital response. From improved sales to a richer user experience, we helped the client upgrade the entire technical frame of the app.

Your final thoughts?

Yashu Kapila: To sum up, I would like to conclude with a message to all budding entrepreneurs: to never doubt yourself. Have faith in whatever you do. Never lose hope even if you fail multiple times. You never know the outcome of your efforts unless you do it. So go after it unless you achieve it.  

Learn from your mistakes and the mistakes made by others. Stay focused and positive. When you are trying to build your passion into a business, it can be easy to lose track of your time management and get sucked into your business every time. Think about your family and friends. Maintain a healthy work-life balance.  

Stay optimistic! Stay happy!  

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