3 Practical Examples of Landing Pages That Convert

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When you’re designing a successful business website, pay special attention to the landing pages. These are the destinations with which clients and customers are most likely to interact as they search for services.

Landing pages are more likely to get linked in social and blog posts, and search engines often categorize them above blog content in their responses to organic search queries for goods and services. According to Hubspot’s Pamela Vaughan, landing pages are an indispensable part of all digital marketing efforts.

“Landing pages are the heart and soul of an inbound marketer’s lead generation efforts,” she says. Vaughan goes on to explain that, if they’re designed properly, landing pages will turn simple visitors into customers and clients.

“A good landing page will target a particular audience, such as traffic from an email campaign promoting a particular ebook, or visitors who click on a pay-per-click ad promoting your webinar,” Vaughan writes.

“You can build landing pages that allow visitors to download your content offers (ebooks, whitepapers, webinars, etc.), or redeem other marketing offers such as free trials, demos, or coupons for your product. Creating landing pages allows you to target your audience, offer them something of value, and convert a higher percentage of your visitors into leads, while also capturing information about who they are and what they’ve converted on.”

Once you’ve gathered the content to include in your landing page, focus on the design. Start by researching tactics for good web design. It also helps to look at great examples of landing pages that convert.

Here are some that are worthy of study.

1. Parnell Law – A Great Example of a Services Landing Page

Parnell Law, an attorney’s office in New Mexico that handles personal injury and car accident cases, offers exceptional examples of landing pages for clients in the service sector. Take a look at the firm’s page on services for people who have been involved in a T-bone car crash.

The first thing you see is the catchphrase “Hurt? Call Bert,” and his phone number is listed in two different places. The live chat box on the side and bottom of the screen also stands out. This gives the visitor the impression from the get-go that Parnell will be available.

As you continue down the page, you see images, question headings, examples, and other content to illustrate how this firm can solve the visitor’s problem. It ends with video and written testimonials to drive the point home. and a form to fill out if you decide you’re interested.

All the necessary information for making a conversion is on this landing page, so it’s a great example for companies that offer services.

2. Outbrain – Using Testimonials to Land Conversions

Outbrain is a digital marketing and advertising solution for entrepreneurs. The company’s website has many great pages, but the testimonials page is one of their best.

Many research studies have uncovered the benefits of testimonials on a page. In fact, word-of-mouth marketing has been named the most effective marketing tool, with more than 80 percent of customers saying they trust recommendations offered by others, even if they don’t know them personally.

Outbrain uses this to the full advantage. Not only does the site have a beautiful visual slider with testimonials from high-profile customers such as the marketing communication and digital director of Toyota, but Outbrain also boasts of getting 275 billion monthly recommendations on 80 percent of the world’s premium publishers.

As a rule, it’s hard for website visitors to accept claims such as that at face value unless they’re backed by testimonials. This page is a solid example of following through with the claims made by the company.

3. Hootsuite – Attention-Grabbing Headlines

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that great headlines play a major role in catching visitor attention. When a visitor finds your landing page, he or she doesn’t want to wade through a wordy blog post with small or dubious value.

Instead, the person wants to quickly scan until he or she gets the desired information. Great headlines are the key to making this a reality. Hootsuite’s “Choose Your Plan” page is a fine example of this.

The landing pages boast large, problem-solving headlines that the firm’s customers are likely to crave. Beneath the headlines, you’ll encounter bulleted lists of succinct information that gives customers what they want without having to read a lot of text.

If people do want further information, all they have to do is click through until they find the answer to their question. The page offers calls to action, links to other resources, and contact forms so the contact is easy once the customer has found what he or she is looking for.

In each of these examples, you can find a variety of benefits for the landing pages you’re trying to create. Mix and match the best qualities from each, and you shouldn’t have a problem increasing your conversions from this page.



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