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Marketing Masters Book 1

Buying books on marketing in our time is definitely the right way to invest your finances. For a long time, such literature was considered highly specialized, having a rather limited target audience. However, the situation is changing. We can state that with the gradual commercialization of most areas of life and the deep introduction of market ideas, marketing from a purely business phenomenon becomes a rather ideological phenomenon. We learn to represent ourselves, our achievements, we learn to be competitive and correctly represent our own material or intellectual product. Undoubtedly, this is what the so-called «книги для маркетолога»

The top books on marketing are led by Steven Silbiger’s MBA in 10 Days. This is a kind of tutorial that explains in detail how to draw up and translate a marketing plan into reality. The publication, which is an international bestseller, focuses on the issues of maintaining financial records, developing a corporate network, etc. Very useful for a beginner and the book “Marketing Analytics. How to back up your intuition with data.” Adele Sweetwood. It describes how to properly work with large databases and use them to create a marketing strategy, focusing on the principles of marketing in the digital age, taking into account the specifics of this era. Also, a beginner will like the publication “Marketing without a budget. 50 Effective Tools” by Igor Mann. This is probably a visual embodiment of the saying “no holy pots are molded”, proving that business is within the power of each of us. And a huge financial base, expensively paid PR people and other such things are completely optional. The main thing is the qualitative use of a well-thought-out strategy. Agile Marketing by Roland Smart helps you understand the intricacies of modern marketing. The author describes a number of strategies both from the position of the client and from the position of the analyst.

Marketing Masters Book 2

Books on Internet marketing are special literature in this area, since they cover exactly that rapidly developing industry. Thus, the publication of Robert McKee and Thomas Geras “Storynomics of marketing in the post-advertising era” tells how to correctly adjust the strategy, taking into account the realities of our time. Readers are also interested in the book “Marketing 4.0. From Traditional to Digital”, which is designed not to be limited to general advice, but builds a strategic concept, taking into account current trends.

You can buy business books in Ukraine on various topics. Thus, the specifics of the advertising sector in the direction of promoting one’s own product is comprehensively considered in David Ogilvy’s publication “On Advertising”. Undoubtedly, the general atmosphere in the market should be analyzed in detail. The book “Unobvious. How to predict the future by analyzing trends, which focuses on fifteen different trends in modern marketing. How Brands Grow: What Marketers Don’t Know is for readers who plan to develop their own product image, while Marketing Wars unexpectedly analyzes marketing strategy from the standpoint of … military confrontation.

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