Choosing jewelry with cubic zirkonia


Zirconia jewelry is a clear proof that stylish, elegant and solid products do not have to contain natural gemstones. This mineral is the result of scientific thought, the desire of man to create beautiful things with his own hands and without the intervention of nature. Ювелирные украшения с фианитом is widely represented in the assortment of the Zolotoy Vek online store, which is considered one of the leaders in its industry.

Varieties of jewelry with cubic zirkonia

You need to understand that jewelry with cubic zirkonia is extremely popular today, so their range may seem huge:

  1. Rings. It can be ordinary, engagement or wedding rings. Most often, they are seen as a cheaper alternative to diamond jewelry. Red gold or other precious metals are used as the basis.
  2. Earrings. These synthetic stones can be seen on the skin in studs, pendants, broaches and in almost any kind of earrings. The popularity of these stones is such that they are even encrusted in piercing earrings, cuffs, jackets and other bold youth accessories.
  3. Pendants. This category of jewelry with cubic zirkonia is also very diverse. In the assortment you will find crosses, amulets, amulets and other sacred symbols, as well as decorative women’s items for parties, children’s pendants, etc. Accessories for every taste and for every occasion.
  4. Other categories of products. It is difficult to name products made of precious metals in which these stones are never used. Today you can see them on bracelets, brooches and even wristwatches. The democratic price played a decisive role in the development of the popularity of this beautiful synthetics.

Are stones in jewelry different from cubic zirkonia?

Cubic zirconia in jewelry is distinguished by a rich color palette. There are 20 different colors used in the jewelry industry, including blue, yellow, pink, black, and more. Since cubic zirconias in jewelry are artificial products, craftsmen can give them almost any color if desired. For technical reasons, difficulties arise only with green, so emerald imitation is hardly possible. Like diamonds, these stones are graded according to their clarity and brilliance when exposed to light. The clearest and brightest specimens are rated higher, and many premium brands use only them in their products.

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