How Is a Transcription From Video Files Done? And Why Do You Need to Do It?


Transcribing from video files to text is not a complicated process. It is a skill that takes very little to jump into. However, the trick is practicing long enough to make it an efficient, accurate process. If you’ve always wondered how to make a transcript for a video, follow these steps!

How to Transcribe Video to Text

To start with, you’re going to need transcription software. Many companies offer transcription services online, so you should pick one with a transcription tool that’s suitable for your needs. If you feel like doing it yourself, plenty of programs will allow you to transcribe the video into text. It depends on your needs, what types of video files you have available and how much time you have available for the task.

Transcribing video files can be tiring, but you should do it yourself once before outsourcing it to understand the process better. In this article, we will guide you through the process of requesting your first transcript and emphasize the best practices everyone must follow.

  • Upload Your Video File

To create a transcript from a video file, you first need to upload it. You can do this using the available software or any other similar tool. It can be a video recording, video file, or video URL. GoTranscript accepts almost all video formats.

  • Pick Your Add-On Features

After you upload your video, go to the “Add-ons” tab and choose what features you want: timestamps, closed caption, full or clean verbatim, et cetera. Timestamping is a handy feature that will make it easier for you to easily jump from one part of your video to the next.

  • Your Video Will Be Transcribed & Delivered to Your Email

After you’ve picked the most valuable features for your needs, your transcription will begin. If you wish to keep track of the progress, you can also log in to see how many parts have been done.

  • Look for Errors

Once your transcript is done, check it and see if there are any errors or inconsistencies. If you find any, contact GoTranscript’s customer service so that they can help you with anything you need. Customer satisfaction is the company’s utmost priority, so they’ll always go out of their way to ensure you’re happy with the end result. 

Reasons Why You Need Video Transcription

There are many advantages to employing video transcription. Here are some of them:

  • Video Transcription Improves SEO

An accurate video transcript can improve your search engine ranking exponentially. In addition, if you have an extensive video library on YouTube or Vimeo, then a video transcription will help you understand the content of your videos better and make it easier to add that information to your website. That information will make your website more crawlable and easier for search engines to understand, thereby improving your SEO. 

  • Video Transcription Increases Accessibility

Video transcription is an effective way to make your videos available to everyone worldwide. If your videos are available online, you can make them accessible to people who are hard of hearing or deaf. Thanks to video transcription, this segment of the population will also enjoy your content. 

  • Video Transcription Boosts Conversions & Signups

Video transcription allows you to reach more people with less effort and time. When you share your transcribed videos, it will increase the number of conversions and sign-ups for your website or business. If you share your video on social media with a transcribed caption, then more people will watch and be interested in it.

  • Video Transcription Eliminates Language Barriers

Video transcripts can eliminate language barriers for your website visitors and make it easier for non-natives to learn your language. If you have a video in a different language, then the video’s transcription will make your video’s content available to everyone.

Final Takeaway

Video transcription can help you improve your SEO and user experience. Adding descriptive information to your videos makes them more searchable, accessible, and easier to understand. Using our video transcription service, you can eliminate language barriers quickly and inexpensively. With GoTranscript, there is a clear solution to this issue in the form of easy-to-use online services that make it convenient for anyone to request video transcriptions. You can find a solution here for all of your video transcription needs.



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