EdTech: The Future of Classrooms


Education is the sector that was highly impacted by the global pandemic.    In most countries, their institutions went online to continue training students. Tutors used video conferencing apps to connect with their students and continue learning.

However, some students didn’t enjoy such facilities due to poor internet connectivity and inaccessibility to computers or smartphones. The closure of schools and lockdowns led to the rise of EdTech startups. They benefit when institutions and the tech-savvy newer generations move online. Indeed many sectors have welcomed the option to study online because their employees can retrain without stepping into a classroom. For those seeking greater accessibility, some even opt to order homework help online https://mycustomessay.com/buy-online.html, which highlights the demand for flexible and online educational solutions.

As a result, it’s projected that the education industry will hit $7 trillion by the end of 2025. Startups in EdTech will shape the new generations, thus becoming the most impactful and successful.

The article will highlight EdTech startups to keep an eye on. Some of them were launched during this post-pandemic era.

Startups Set to Lead the EdTech Business

EdTech Startups

Some of these companies were established some years before the Covid-19 pandemic, while others were established in 2022. These companies give students access to cutting-edge technologies, which help them have fun while learning. That means they impact learners’ life in various ways.


The Washington-based education technology company was launched in 1997 to help teachers impart quality education to their students. The EdTech company has disrupted education by digitizing it thus amplifying the student-teacher engagement.

As a result, Blackboard’s present valuation stands at $700 million or more, making it the giant technology company in the education sector.


The Bengaluru, India-based education tech company was launched in 2011 as Think and Learn PVT Ltd. It began as a simple education platform, but today it’s an authentic source of learning. The company focuses on the K-12 education school segment, particularly Math and Science.

Students learn through an app or website. It has gamified subject matter, attracting and impressing students because it makes learning fun.


The Santa Clara, Cliff-based education company began in 2005. Students that enroll on this EdTech platform opt for online tutoring. It also assists students in completing their homework and self-learning, which makes them independent.

Further, learners can access textbooks by renting or buying on the platform. This helps them reduce the burden of acquiring books they will only use for a single semester.


The education technology company was started in 2012 in Mountain View, California. The goal was to connect learners with the best 150 universities globally. Thus the platform helps students access and learn from top educational institutions. They can choose courses from diverse subject areas.

It offers on-demand video lectures and community forums. As a result, the company has a huge impact on e-learning.


The EdTech began in July 2021 as a community for high school or college students. The company aggregate all the information under one roof. Putting information such as jobs, skills, and internships on one platform helps college students avoid struggling when they complete their studies. Further, the online community allows students to network and promote mental wellbeing.


The Russian education startup began in 2021 to provide teachers, students, and employers with a social network. Employers can head-hunt top talents, teachers can find students to teach, and students can learn and network on this platform. Actually, MegaCampuss operates as an EdTech aggregator.


Education has changed tremendously due to technological advancement and recent challenges such as Covid-19. EdTech startups are transforming the education sector. Students and their teachers can now engage online, or learners can access learning materials online as long as they have a stable internet connection, computer, or smartphone.

Share with us your experience on how EdTech companies have disrupted the education industry through smart solutions.

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