Hybrid Solution with On Paper Digital Signature (OPDS) by LYNX.io

Naum Berestetsky LYNX.io

Naum Berestetsky, Co-founder of LYNX.io, tells us about an all-in-one digital signature solution.

Tell us about you, your career, and how you founded LYNX.io. 

Naum Berestetsky: I am an engineer and entrepreneur with over 15 years of hands-on industry experience, raging across process engineering, compliance, validation, and project management, and I hold M.Sc. in Chemistry and Materials Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

While working on my research thesis at the university, we managed to implement theoretical research into practical application, which infected me in a good way and inspired me to continue developing ideas.

I never aspired to make a career in a global organization, and I was much more attracted to creating something new and implementing ideas that solve serious problems.

The specific idea of developing a solution to protect handwritten signatures and hardcopy documents originated following two different motives, one is a personal story, and the second motive is a lack of a technological solution for a painful global problem.

These stimulated me to start developing a game-changer solution, which is how Lynx.io was established. 

Lynx.io is an early-stage startup that my partner Emil Shaked and I founded in 2018 to solve a global problem related to the forgery of handwritten signatures and manipulation, mainly with paper-based documents.

How does LYNX.io market its product/services online? 

Naum Berestetsky: Once the product is ready for the market and after conducting a successful pilot, based on a pilot’s research about our audience segments and personas, we’ll better understand the exact pain and needs of our early adopters.

We will definitely use LinkedIn as marketing on LinkedIn helps to engage a community of professionals to drive relevant actions to our product.

All business requires a stringent business model and marketing strategy to follow through with their goals. We will use both B2B and B2C models depending on the geography. But our main model, of course, is B2B based on the solution we provide and who is most critical to have such a solution for more safe, secure, and efficient business processes in their company.

Although the marketing strategies are the same, how they are executed differs. The first step is the same, to identify who the customer is and why and how exactly they need to hear our message. From there, the marketing activities and channels diverge.

How the coronavirus pandemic affects your business, and how did you get through it?

Naum Berestetsky: Our life is extremely dynamic. One day a global pandemic outbreak with its consequences and limitations; another day, the war in Europe breaks out, where located part of development centers; Sanctions and restrictions in certain regions, etc. All of these make it necessary to quickly adapt and even change the startup’s development strategy.

As Friedrich Nietzsche said, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

Who are your competitors? And how do you plan to stay in the game?

Naum Berestetsky: We have very strong competitors. Among them are large corporations that have already proven themselves in the market, and we are pleased about this. At the same time, we have a strong competitive advantage and a unique technology that we have successfully patented in relevant geographies.

Thanks to this, we plan to take a certain market niche and possibly, integrate it into existing solutions, thereby supplementing and strengthening them.

Your final thoughts?

Naum Berestetsky: I heartily believe that our unique technology changes rules allow working with both document formats without compromise. This hybrid solution lets you digitally sign any document, whether it is a paper-based or electronic document.

A novel and patented signing method system and device for securing the authenticity and originality of certificates issued by an authority by implementing unique digital signatures created from the selected contents of the documents. Lynx’s method assures content integrity and sender identity authentication.

We believe that soon, the LYNX.io solution will make life easier for many people as a kind of smart notary tool.

Any processes related to signing contracts or real estate documents that require to be notarized will become more efficient no matter where you are.

Lynx.io is a hardware-enhanced hybrid model, highly secured, all-in-one digital signature solution for any type of business.

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