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Pawel Łaskarzewski, Co-CEO, and Co-Founder of Synapse Network tells us about optimized DeFi protocols.

Tell us about you, your career, and how you founded Synapse Network.

Paweł Łaskarzewski: It might sound unbelievable, but I started my career in high school. I was ahead of the curriculum, especially in IT, so I started hacking into my school’s system (of course only to show the IT professionals in my teaching facility how to improve security).

In my teens, I joined Boeing where I wrote aircraft software. If you’ve ever flown a Boeing-made airplane, I probably created some of the software for your airplane.

I always knew that working in a corporation was not for me and I planned to become an entrepreneur. However, I value the time I spent in corporations and large companies with processes in place, because this knowledge allowed me to implement proven and working operational solutions in startup structures.

Despite the fact that startups are governed by their own rules, it should not be forgotten that properly arranged structures, information flow and organization, are the keys to the proper functioning of the enterprise – regardless of the degree of its development.

Thanks to that training in more structured businesses, I’ve already co-founded five startups, all active in the international arena to this day. I cooperated with organizations such as City Bank, EuroSport, EU, and the U.K Government. I was responsible for the implementation of two new banking services in the European market from scratch.

Through my cooperation with the financial sector and the simultaneous interest in DeFi solutions and the cryptocurrency market, I noticed both some dependencies and gaps between these systems.

Is it possible to translate the security, availability and regulation of the traditional finance market into DeFi solutions in such a way as to ensure that users meet their basic needs in terms of their money? This was the question that popped into my head.

 It was then that I met Michał, and our shared visions met under the slogan of the Synapse Network.

Tell us more about the Synapse Network. What makes your company unique?

Paweł Łaskarzewski: The first and basic thing is accessibility. From the beginning, our vision was to create a system that would allow every person living in the world to easily access the resources of decentralized finance and explore this ecosystem, simply by having an internet connection.

Considering the pace of adoption of cryptocurrency solutions by global companies and even governments – over the course of several years, we can expect a new financial revolution involving blockchain-based currencies.

Still, relatively few people know how to use and benefit from this system. There is nothing strange about this. Let’s look at our grandparents and ask ourselves how long it took for them to get used to electronic money.

Part of society will never be able to understand how DeFi works, even if this financial system starts with us every day, and is developing at breakneck speed right as we speak. Our mission was and is to provide access to DeFi solutions for everyone.

Have we fulfilled this task? I can confidently say yes and more. And we’re not going to stop.

In addition to the possibility of simple investments in cryptocurrency projects available to everyone, with cross-chain solutions, an integrated fiat payment gateway, with the largest possible security system protecting investors’ funds (including our recently announced Investor Protection Program), we have created an entire technology enterprise starting from an unutilized sector of the space.

What are the current trends in the crypto/blockchain industry and how fast does it change?

Paweł Łaskarzewski: Recently, I created quite an interesting analysis of the current trends in crypto. One of the trends is definitely Move2Earn, which is starting to win the hearts of users and retail investors, to which it has not had access so far. The community functions in a very simple way. By simply downloading the application and buying shoes (and in some cases, the purchase of shoes is not even required) you can realistically start earning crypto just by moving.

However, attention should be paid to where the inflation generated by the distribution of tokens in these projects will lead us. Since it goes without saying that users are earning quite a bit of money from these projects.

Maybe the integration of the Move2Earn trend with the traditional market, such as gyms and burning tokens in exchange for certain benefits in training plans would be a good solution?

It should also be noted that the changes in the market are quite abrupt, especially in the current period. Each of the projects is looking for its own way to activate users, and thus – we can expect an outflow of several different trends whose main goal will be to meet the needs of users in the bear market phase.

Who is the target audience of Synapse Network?

Paweł Łaskarzewski: We have two main target audiences.

First one and at the same time the biggest one is of course the launchpad community. We have already collected a database of 600,000 users from all over the world. However, even this group is divided into several smaller segments.

Some of the users are interested in investing in high-quality projects at an early stage of development. Others are looking for a safe way to allocate their capital and constant increases – and here our staking solutions come in handy, especially its new version in the form of our Gamified Staking Solution, which gives the user the opportunity to choose a staking path tailored to their individual needs.

Still, others want to start their adventure with cryptocurrencies without having such extensive knowledge about space. They can receive the necessary support from us and start investing and turning capital even with a small budget. And the cross-chain solutions and integration with the fiat gateway only help them with this endeavour. They can start their journey into the DeFi ecosystem in the easiest way possible, i.e. without additional transaction fees or the need to perform several transactions.

The second, but the no less important group are, of course, projects and enterprises. At the moment, we offer them almost 360 solutions. We help establish your infrastructure, and we will kickstart your vision. Every day we support projects at all stages of development, catering to every kind of different need.

We build the Tokenomics, set up smart contracts for the project, provide custom development services, and provide advisory services in key areas related to blockchain, business and marketing. Our Whitelabel solutions also allow projects to easily build staking and vesting solutions or secure the token against bot attacks thanks to our anti-bot integrations.

We invest in projects and help them raise funds from quality private investors thanks to a well-functioning launchpad. Are we part of these projects? Undoubtedly yes, and the success of projects such as Kitsumon or Nakamoto Games only proves it.

How do you see the future of the Synapse Network? What are the next steps for the company?

Paweł Łaskarzewski: Our watchword is the financial revolution. And we won’t stop until we realize our vision.

In addition to the solutions for our launchpad users, such as points for activity on Twitter, we are talking to projects to start farming on our platform.

It will be an additional attractive solution for the Synapse Network community, but also for our business partners, who will be able to increase the exposure of their products to our users and allow them to explore their solutions, tokens or NFT even more deeply.

We are also exploring the path to the introduction of a new utility for our SNP token. Currently, its main utility is the ability to invest in projects appearing on our launchpad. But we want it to be much more. We want our token to be connected to the entirety of DeFi and not only be used on our launchpad.

And while I cannot say too much about our plans at this stage, one thing is for sure. It will be something amazing and groundbreaking.

Synapse is designed to be groundbreaking. It was created to introduce solutions that are not yet available and increase the adoption of users from the traditional market to the cryptocurrency market. And almost every business decision related to the development of our product brings us closer to this goal and makes it closer and closer.

Your final thoughts?

Paweł Łaskarzewski: Despite the current market downturn, we must realize that blockchain and DeFi are the next and completely natural stages of economic development. Let’s see what is happening in global markets. Traditional funds allocate part of their capital in Bitcoin, and financial institutions use stablecoins to begin internal transactions and to settle, as it is a much simpler, faster, and cheaper solution than traditional currencies (eg. Visa).

It is our task, i.e. the task of crypto projects to make users from the traditional markets want to explore a new reality before they get swept in by the tide and are forced to enter this world without the knowledge that we can share with them.

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