Top 10 Ways a Stay-at-Home Mom Can Make Money

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The day of a stay-at-home mom is occupied by activities like diaper changes, feeding, cleaning, preparing meals, and much more. Because of that, it can be hard to squeeze a few hours for anything else, including earning some income. Some moms want to bring in extra income and are looking for ways to know which remote jobs they can do when the baby is napping, kids are off at school, or while you’re hanging out with other stay-at-home moms in order to earn some extra money.

The list of job opportunities for stay-at-home moms on the internet is endless. There are many flexible and remote opportunities that women taking on caregiving at home can have in order to earn some cash.

The following 10 suggestions can help you generate extra income. In fact, some websites that offer these opportunities let you market your talents and time on your own terms.

Let’s get started.

1.   Bookkeeping

Do you have experience using spreadsheets or accounting programs? If you’re good with numbers, organized, and pay attention to details, you can consider becoming a bookkeeper. You will review financial records and update statements. You can hold client meetings during business hours via videoconferencing apps and do the data entry when your child takes a nap or during bedtime.

Bookkeeping enables you to earn a decent income using the skill and experience from your previous jobs. There are several full-time and part-time jobs that accommodate different schedules. You can find something that fits your schedule.

2.   Create Online Courses

You can monetize your expertise in a certain topic by creating courses. That is easy when you have a degree or qualification in a particular field. You can turn your knowledge into cash by creating an online course and selling it through platforms like Udemy, Teachable, Thinkific, LearnWorlds, Skillshare, etc.

There are many platforms offering online courses to millions of people spread across the globe. You can earn extra dollars each month by creating a course in a field you’re already knowledgeable about. Do extra research on the topic in order to enrich your content and attract many buyers. The course reviews can help you see where you need to improve to deliver a better course than what is available in the market.

3.   Digital Marketer

Are you conversant with marketing? You can put your marketing know-how to work by supporting small businesses that look for better ways to create awareness of their brand, products, and services. These companies have a small or nil budget to hire an established marketing firm.

Freelance marketing entails writing newsletters, updating websites, and handling social media campaigns. It’s an excellent way for a stay at home to make money while taking care of their children. Create an account with Upwork and connect with potential clients on this platform.

4.   Editing & Proofreading

Freelance writing is an excellent way to make extra money while at home parenting. Unlike writing which requires a lot of research, editing and proofreading are less time-consuming. In fact, it’s a perfect job for you as a mom who has acute attention to detail and is conversant with grammar rules.

You can also use your editing and proofreading skills for data entry which is another very flexible job. Most platforms pay for editing and proofreading tasks either per word or item.

5.   Freelance Writing

Moms have a wealth of experience and valuable information they can share with new moms or expectant mothers. A blog is an excellent way for you to share information and earn some extra cash. You just need a computer, good internet connectivity, and excellent ideas to generate valuable content for others.

Many moms are looking for advice on raising children in this digital era. Others seek advice on earning money while still at home taking care of their kids. You can start a blog to help others while still earning money.

The more traffic to your blog, the more decent the income because you will be able to monetize with ads such as paid-per-impression ads and paid-per-click ads. Joining an affiliate network can help you earn through affiliate marketing or, better still, publish sponsored posts on your site or guest posting on high authority websites.

6.   Graphic Designer

Must stay-at-home moms resigned from their amazing careers to take care of their children. However, these mothers can use their skills to earn some cash. Graphic designers can work part-time from their homes and according to their schedules. You can build your client base because it enables you to get enough jobs. You can hire a freelance graphic designer to help you with the extra jobs from platforms like Fiverr or Upwork.

7.   Start an Etsy Shop

Do you have crafty or unique items such as jewelry, custom-made shirts, and stationery to sell? You can earn extra money by selling these items online on Etsy Shop. A crafty mom can use her free time to create the items and post them on the platform.

Next, post these items on your social media platforms and encourage your friends and family to share their photos online in order to increase visibility and attract many buyers. You can also partner with a third-party agency to handle the shipment and payment part of selling these items.

8.   Transcriptionist

Transcription is a home job that takes you away from changing diapers, cooking, laundry, and so on. The good news with being a transcriptionist is that you can set your own hours, such as waking up as early as 3 a.m.

The job involves transcribing audio files. You can find high-paying gigs online from the best transcription platforms such as FlexJobs, GoTranscript, TranscribeMe, Rev, CastingWords, Verbal Ink, etc. Once you register with a platform, you will view a database and select the number of transcribing jobs that suits your schedule and ability.

9.   Tutoring

Teaching online is a job that can earn a stay-at-home mom some cash, but most people tend to ignore or overlook it. Many kids and parents across the globe are looking for expert tutors in almost all subjects. For instance, children in non-English speaking countries often seek native English speakers or English-speaking teachers to help them learn the language.

Moms with a background in education can work as remote tutors. They connect with children via platforms like Zoom and Skype to help write assignments, teach them how to read and write, math, and more. Offering music lessons virtually is also an excellent tutoring job that stay-at-home moms can do when their kids are at school, or the baby is napping. It’s also a great way to earn from your passion.

10.  Virtual Assistant

The job involves managing a client’s calendar or social media accounts. It may also involve conducting research or answering emails. Virtual assistant tasks differ from one client to the other because people and companies have different needs. These tasks are done remotely, making virtual assistants a perfect job for stay-at-home parents.

In fact, the rapid adoption of remote work has increased the demand for virtual assistants because workers can perform their duties regardless of their location. Also, many companies are willing to offer flexible hours which accommodate children’s needs. Women who enjoy working on the computer, are highly organized, and have a quiet workspace can opt for the virtual assistant job.

Which of the jobs mentioned above are attractive to you based on your skillsets? You will be surprised at how much you earn when your baby takes a nap, and the older kids are in school. These jobs will help you spend time with your child while making extra cash.

So just learn the balance between working as a stay-at-home and taking care of your baby. You will be surprised at how your online business will thrive.

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