Why Smartphones are a Digital Marketer’s Best Friend


As a digital marketer, you are responsible in managing your website performance to achieve your online goals. This involves driving more traffic to your site, engaging with social media followers, building relationships with influencers, launching link building campaigns to raise your search rankings for your target keyword, and sending out newsletters to your mailing list to drive highly targeted traffic to your sales pages and blog posts, to name a host of others tasks.

Even if you do love your work as a digital marketer, the mountainous tasks at hand can sometimes be too much to handle.

This is where your smartphone comes into play. What was once a tool used to simply communicate with people has evolved into something as a personal assistant. This is due to the many apps you can find and download from the App Store (for iPhone) or Google Play (for Android). By downloading the best apps available, your smartphone will be the only tool you need in your times of marketing need.

Below are different ways on how you can use your smartphone to make you a better and more effective digital marketer.

Listing down important notes

The problem of writing down your to-do list in a piece of paper for your job is that you may easily forget to bring or misplace the piece of paper or notebook where you wrote down the notes. To avoid this from happening, you can simply input the notes in your smartphone. Some have built-in apps that let you type your to-do lists and important notes that you can save for later. You can also set up an alarm to time-sensitive notes so you won’t forget them.

Recommended app to use: Evernote is one of the best and most reliable note-taking apps for the iPhone and Android. You can file your notes and tasks according to notebook so you can keep things organized. However, the best thing about this app is that it also has a desktop version that syncs to your smartphone app. Any updates you make on either device will also apply to the other.

For more note-taking apps, click here for iPhone and here for Android.

Keep yourself motivated


As mentioned earlier, digital marketing can get even to the best of them. Therefore, you may need to find ways on how to stay motivated and deliver top-notch performance to your clients. For this, you will need the download productivity apps that will help maximize the time you spend at work so you can get more things done.

Recommended app to use: FocusBooster is an awesome smartphone app that applies the Pomodoro Technique (developed by Francesco Cirillo in the ’80s) in practice. What this productivity principle suggests is for you to spend 25 minutes of focused work activity and 5 minutes of break before repeating the process again. The idea here is to sustain high levels of performance at short intervals. This is just one of the many productivity methods that you can apply to your work. Also, if you have other ideas of what a productivity app should be, then you can find a comprehensive list of apps here in an article of Entrepreneur.

Keep yourself entertained

All work makes a digital marketer a dull person. If you’re finding it hard to keep up with your favorite TV series or staying up to date with the latest songs due to your work as a digital marketer, then you ought to download apps that keeps you up to speed. However, if you’re currently residing in countries that has restricted access to streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Stopify, then there are tools for that as well.

Recommended app to use: UnoTelly is a SmartDNS app that foregoes the geo-restriction placed on certain locations and lets you watch and listen to your favorite shows and music wherever you are in the world. There are other SmartDNS apps that you can choose from to run Spotify and other exclusive streaming content.

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