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Alexey Chalimov, a CEO at Eastern Peak, reveals how his company manages to keep a leading position in software development, one of the most saturated markets.

Tell us about you, your career, and how you founded Eastern Peak.

Alexey Chalimov: As for my education, I’m a graduate of the Wharton School, the University of Pennsylvania, where I got my MBA in 2009, double majoring in Finance and Entrepreneurial Management. Since then, I’ve been a technology enthusiast willing to complement the existing market with outstanding technology products.

And I have actually done that. My first large-scale project was the GetTaxi (Gett) technology company. As a CEO, I developed the service from scratch and launched it in many cities around the globe, from London to Tel Aviv. Later, I managed to leverage modern-day technologies in the education sphere, bringing the learning and teaching experience to the next level. That’s how I became a founder and adviser at Maximum Education. I also applied my skills to launching a global testing platform, Ubertesters.

I’ve been running the Eastern Peak company since 2010. We provide strategy, technology, and development services for clients from all around the globe, in multiple industries. The company was founded in Israel, but one of my best choices was to place an R&D center in Ukraine, a country with a convenient location and strong ties with Israel. However, the biggest treasure of this place is skilled software developers with solid STEM education and exceptional proficiency. Together we offer quality and cost-efficient solutions, and on top of that, they are always unique and tailored to the business goals and wishes of our clients.

How does Eastern Peak market its products/services online?

Alexey Chalimov: Whatever you create or promote, you should do that with clients in mind. At Eastern Peak, we apply this principle to any marketing activity we adopt. 

Generally, we rely largely on content marketing. And it’s not about pure promotion. Instead, we strive to generate high-quality content to educate our clients about the specificities of their industry and how technologies can contribute to their success. We provide ideas for efficient tech solutions, share our experience, and cooperate with our team.

Additionally, we benefit from some other traditional content marketing tactics, such as PR, interviews, guest posts, etc. And, of course, we update our social media channels regularly, filling them with valuable information.

What is your hiring policy/process, and how do you retain your employees?

Alexey Chalimov: Professional staff is the heart of any tech company, so we take this aspect with utmost seriousness and search for exceptional development talent and expertise. Our strong recruiting network all over Eastern Europe tests hundreds of applicants through a 3-level interview process. We accept only the top 5% of candidates that we interview.

There are no difficulties in retaining our employees. For them, Eastern Peak doesn’t boil down to a workspace with routine tasks. It’s the place of power, growth, and self-realization. We’ve created a healthy working environment with the spirit of mutual respect, where everyone can express their views. 

Our workers are free to make decisions independently, but at the same time, they find support from their colleagues. In addition to open communication, our employees work on ambitious and innovative projects that allow them to master present-day technologies and contribute to the digital future. These things inspire and motivate our team to work and create for Eastern Peak.

Who are your competitors? And how do you plan to stay in the game?

Alexey Chalimov: The market for software development is always saturated and highly competitive. But still, many people choose us, and that’s because we think out of the box and keep in mind the client’s expectations. As I’ve said, the team is our top priority, so we have experienced product and project managers, qualified developers, designers, testers, and DevOps who are not afraid of challenges and always create first-class products. Software development is not only about modern technologies, but it’s also about human thoughtfulness towards the team, clients, and end-users, and this attitude makes us stand out.

Tell us a customer success story of yours.

Alexey Chalimov: We had wonderful cooperation with Bizzabo, an event tech company that offers innovative tools for organizers to help them create, manage, and grow events efficiently. As a fast-evolving business, Bizzabo sought a reliable partner that would help them enrich their platform’s existing functionality and provide new opportunities for end-users. As a result of our collaboration, the company and its clients enjoy advanced features, next-level analytics and smart reports, a connected data ecosystem, and automated marketing. Our work wasn’t based solely on company-client relations but, as Bizzabo’s co-workers say, rather on organic cooperation.

Another success story worth highlighting is Leaplines, an E-learning company with a new perspective on training. Leaplines supports corporations in enhancing their performance by providing their employees with new knowledge. The company was concerned about its cloud infrastructure, the level of security, as well as the general improvement of its products. In less than a year, Eastern Peak supported Leaplines in bettering their interactive learning journeys, audio, and video streaming opportunities, getting insight into KPIs, and other tasks. They received just what they needed, namely relevant technologies, high-degree responsibility, and the friendly spirit of our team. Our employees were happy to receive warm feedback from the company.

Your final thoughts?

Alexey Chalimov: Making a successful project, especially in one of the most saturated markets, requires a lot of effort. However, when you are passionate about what you’re doing, find people who share this passion, and approach any action responsibly, you will get a wonderful product, and no secret ingredient is needed. At Eastern Peak, we dive into each project, striving to create the best solution for the users and make it stand out among the hundreds of competitors’ products. Success is not about magic. It’s all about commitment.

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