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Ben Can Algül of Pubinno tells us about smart solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Platforms, and Robotics that builds the Internet of Beer.

Tell us about you, your career, and how you founded Pubinno. 

Ben Can Algül:  I was born in Istanbul. I am co-founder and CEO at Pubinno. We are building the Internet of Beer powered by Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Platforms, and Patented Robotics.

While I was a university student, I had a lot of work in various fields. From American Football to Basketball coaching, from NGO management to copywriting, from bartender to salesman. After all these different experiences I had, I decided to drop out of school to start my own business while studying “Civil Engineering” at Istanbul Technical University. The journey of Pubinno began in Beyoglu – Istanbul, and went to Silicon Valley. 

Beer is the third most consumed beverage globally, but with manual taps, it’s not possible to drink draft beer of standard quality. Even if you order 2 pints of the same beer, the taste can differ. As a passionate beer drinker, it hurts me too. When I was in college, thinking about my next steps, I decided to serve beer better, and then I dropped out of college to pursue this dream. Then we came up with this system. Pubinno guarantees the perfect beer but also is environmentally conscious of our story. Every glass of draft beer that didn’t serve right causes liters of water to be wasted. The Pubinno system not only guarantees perfect draft beer it also raises the profit of our stakeholders and saves valuable natural sources.

Do you have small habits that make a meaningful impact on your life and business?

Ben Can Algül:  Drinking Perfect Beer.

How does Pubinno market its product/services online? 

Ben Can Algül:  Pubinno implements the Internet of Beer which includes 3 products. 

· Smart Tap

· Smart Hub 

· Smart Clean

“Smart Tap” is the world’s first AI-powered beer tap that serves the perfect pint. Smart Tap increases the keg yield up to 20% by the Patented robotics technology that controls more than ten parameters such as temperature, pressure, and freshness to serve draft beer in its perfect form. By this means, you don’t drink warm, flat, bad-tasting draft beer thanks to Smart Taps with a single touch.

“Smart Hub” is the data platform where the bar owners and brewers can monitor their real-time data. They can easily monitor how many liters poured, how many liters sold, what is the efficiency of their keg, all the quality parameters, and consumption trends at the Smart Taps locations. 

Pubinno’s brand new member, “Smart Clean,” automates the beer line cleaning process that directly and dramatically affects the beer quality. Smart Clean makes tap cleaning 5 times better and 4 times faster with just one button. This technology was tested by the Technical University of Munich and took one of the most prestigious awards, the “A Design Award” from Milano. Pubinno delivers perfect beer from always sanitary taps, provides meaningful real-time sales insight and saves resources. In short, Pubinno digitalized and made the whole draft beer operation smart.

What is your hiring policy/process, and how do you retain your employees?

Ben Can Algül:  In Pubinno, we provide our teammates with two things. To make them be themselves which is very difficult nowadays. Unfortunately, people are burned with masking. And also in the process of doing, they’re best to guide, to supply with necessary instruments. Because everyone’s their own boss and everyone does their job.

How are you funding your growth?

Ben Can Algül:  To date, we have received a total of 2.5 million investments from different countries of the world. As time progresses, we receive new investments and continue to grow. As Pubinno, we are currently preparing for the Serie A tour. And also, all of our teammates are corporate partners. Everyone has a stock option in the company. In this way, we create a sustainable funding structure for growth.

Who are your competitors? And how do you plan to stay in the game?

Ben Can Algül:  The draft beer system is a semi-industrial system that has not changed for 50 years. Different initiatives are trying to digitize this. However, we don’t have a competitor that can produce end-to-end technological solutions like us. We have two main goals. First, we want everyone to drink perfect beer, wherever they are. We want Pubinno to be the industry gold standard. Beer lovers should not try to find the Pubinno locations. Pubinno should be wherever they are. That’s why we say the future of draft beer is Pubinno. For now, we have released our Pubinno selections map so that beer-lovers can find Pubinno locations near them, and we hope that this won’t be necessary for the future. Our second goal is that as we are severely facing the impacts of the climate crisis and drinking water sources getting scarcer, we want to save millions of liters of clean water and reduce CO2 emissions thanks to Pubinno’s smart solutions.

Tell us a customer success story of yours.

Ben Can Algül:  According to Efes’ top management, in 4 years created a $25M value. We have achieved great success with this cooperation. Among these achievements are 6 locations that have never sold draft beer in 5 years that start to serve a draft, increasing the beer sales to the point with the 7% quality improvement. The new opening locations are the first contacting Pubinno, and thus they choose brewers. We can count them as reasons why Efes & Pubinno spread in 26 cities. 

Your final thoughts?

Ben Can Algül:  I believe justice is very important in the new world. My advice to the young people, they shouldn’t be in structures that aren’t shared, that don’t share the created value, and aren’t fair. It’s important to be a team. When you fall, the other one lifts. When the other one falls, you lift. Being a team and creating a team of believers is the biggest shield here. If everyone sees themselves as a part of Pubinno and if they think that is the boss of his own business, if he tries to do it in his best form when you fall, they say we’ve got a lot of work to do.

So you get top when they are doing their job.

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