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Dominique Benoit TSplus

Dominique Benoit of TSplus about remote access and application delivery software for IT professionals and the impact of Covid-19.

First of all, how are you and your family doing? 

Dominique Benoit: Like all of us, I am fine but exhausted by the 2 years of Covid madness plus now a war in Ukraine that is about to turn us crazy.

I am pretty amazed to see that we did cross over this period where freedom has become a detail in our citizen life, during which we have been requested to avoid meeting anyone, hide our faces, and change our way of life.

It did hurt everyone. Fortunately, it seems to be over now, and hopefully, this nightmare is ending.

Tell us about you, your career, and how you founded TSplus.

Dominique Benoit: I am an IT engineer. I did work for US companies as a sales representative, then after-sales director, and lastly European sales director.

About 12 years ago, I decided to create a software product company, TSplus, to promote software products worldwide. Because I knew the US and the European market quite well, my first target was to sell in Australia.

Why Australia? Because I had never traveled as far, it was on the other side of the earth, and I knew nothing about this country. I thought that if I set up a business that works for Australia, it would also work for Chili, Argentina, South Africa, or Thailand.

Today, we have more than 15.000 customers in Australia and more than 500.000 customers worldwide. For the past 5 years, we multiplied by 10 our revenues, and for the next 5 years, I want to continue this nice business success.

How does your company market its product/services online? 

Dominique Benoit: Easy. I always have preferred the easy way over to complex ones.

People find our website by searching on Google. They download the free trial version of our products, try it, like it and then buy it. Our price is far low than that of well-established competitors, and our product is better.

I decided to do so, not because I am an idiot or because our product is weak. Our product is of top quality, but in my opinion, the price for an online transaction must not be a barrier.

How the coronavirus pandemic affects your business, and how did you get through it?

Dominique Benoit: TSplus products are focused on remote access to Windows systems, and the Covid pandemic did boost our sales. We even developed a unique product for home working (TSplus Remote Work) during the pandemic.

My entire team works from home and uses our own smart solutions every day to benefit from the Internet. We don’t experience traffic jams to work, we have the freedom to organize our working days and enjoy the flexibility in running our missions.

What specific tools, software, and management skills are you using to manage your online marketing?

Dominique Benoit: Well, we use classical SEO tools to promote our websites.

We have been using FastSpring services (a US company) for online transactions for the last 7 years, and it eliminates possible fraud, tax, and VTA kind of complexity.

One funny tool and a probably not known solution is software named Robosoft. A Ukrainian company developed it, and I hope the war has not affected it.

The tool has been automatically submitted, and our free trial has been set up for hundreds of download sites worldwide.

Who are your competitors? And how do you plan to stay in the game?

Dominique Benoit: My main competitors are Citrix, TeamViewer, Graphon, and similar players in the Remote Access world. In fact, they are not so many.

To stay in the game, we must continue to invest in the future. For example, we have opened a subsidiary in India and hired a team to better serve this vast market potential.

We already have a lot of customers in India. It’s a country with 1.2 billion people, many IT trained engineers, multiple languages and cultures, so it’s a huge market potential for us.

I was planning to make the same investment in Russia in 2022 (11-time zone country, highly educated in IT and very conservative people).

I thought that only Russian people could sell to Russian companies. Of course, this project is dead today, and I will probably switch it to an investment in Scandinavia/Netherland countries.

Your final thoughts?

Dominique Benoit: Yes, we can.

We can build together a better world with a positive spirit. Internet and future solutions will unlock many opportunities for everyone willing to develop and do it.

I decided to stay in the real economy. I avoid the illusion of making money out of nothing. My team is creating and enhancing everyday products that have value for our customers.

Our reward is to receive constant messages from all over the world thanking us.

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