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Raj Shah of Global Solutions

Raj Shah of Global Solutions tells us how they understand the need for a web presence in today’s business world.

First of all, how are you and your family and Team members doing? 

Raj Shah: My family, My Team Members, and I are doing very well. Covid has given us some much-needed perspective and has shown us how to find pleasure in small things. The bonds we created with old school friends, family, and team members during lockdown have become more stronger as we saw each other’s difficulties and helped each other in whatever way we could. During Covid, Parents realized how little they had been part of their children’s struggles and dreams and now are making an extra effort to help and guide them. Old lost school friends are back in our lives, and we are making efforts to stay in touch and meet as much as possible. 

Tell us about you, your career, and how you founded Global Solutions.

Raj Shah: I am from Mumbai, India. I always wanted to do business, but I wasn’t sure what business I wanted to start. When I was in college, my uncle in the USA told me to do something in Computers and then find a job in the USA as there was a lot of demand for skilled workers in the USA. That’s how I got enrolled in a computer course.

After doing a basic course, I did not have the funds to pay for the advanced programming course. That’s when I decided to take a job in the same computer institute where I was learning. They were paying a very nominal salary, but they said they would allow me to sit in advance courses in my free time when I am not teaching basic computers to others. I liked the idea of being able to learn advanced technologies, and I accepted their offer. This was my first step toward starting my journey as an entrepreneur.

While I was still learning advanced courses, I had already decided what my company’s name would be and had already printed my business cards.

Then one thing led to another, and in 12 months, I had an offer to work with a music channel and handle their website and software work. I used to work from 10 to 6, and after my job, I would do marketing, meet new clients, and do their software/website work at night when I used get time. I used to work 16-18 hours a day. I invested all the money I saved from my salary and freelance work in buying a small office. One day when I saw that I had 15-20 clients who were giving me regular work and I could survive without my monthly salary, I quit my job and started my company full time. My company is called Global Solutions.

My biggest achievement was when my company was featured in Wall Street Journal, Newspaper USA.

How does Global Solutions market its product/services online? 

Raj Shah: We have over 800 clients across the world, and when you give them fast turnaround, excellent quality, and affordable prices, they recommend us in their network, so most of the work comes from word of mouth. Apart from that we also advertise in magazines or google if required.

How the coronavirus pandemic affects your business, and how did you get through it?

Raj Shah: The Pandemic affected our business in a big way. We do a yearly billing with a lot of our big clients, and just when we were about to raise the bill in 2020, the pandemic struck, forcing everyone into lockdown. For the initial 2-3 months, we managed to pay our team from our savings as I could not ask for payments from my clients at that time. I had to support not only my staff but also my clients during that difficult time. They understood the kind gesture we did for them and quickly cleared all the payments after a few months once things stabilized from the initial worldwide lockdown shock.

What specific tools, software, and management skills are you using to manage your online marketing?

Raj Shah: We use Google Adwords or Banner ads on popular websites. Our USP has been a fast turnaround and immediate response. I have always been available on WhatsApp/Skype to my clients across the world, so anytime we get an inquiry and clients get an instant real human response in a few minutes to hours excites them and helps us gain their trust.

Who are your competitors? And how do you plan to stay in the game?

Raj Shah: Any designing or website development company is our competitor. We offer our clients solutions to their problems, fast turnaround, and amazing service at affordable prices. In fact, money is never our first criterion when we are doing business with any client. Our first goal is to give them an amazing service with a good experience, and once you do that, clients will never hesitate to give your right due.

Your final thoughts?

 Raj Shah: In the face of adversity, we always have a choice. We can be bitter, or we can get better. Stay safe and strong. The Pandemic has made all of us more resilient, and we will pass through this quickly. 

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