How to grow with digital marketing in the indoor mapping sector by Visioglobe

Eric BERNARD Visioglobe

Eric BERNARD, CEO of Visioglobe, tells us how they use simple and powerful tools to equip their customers’ businesses with beautiful and functional 3D maps.

First of all, how are you and your family doing?

Eric BERNARD: Everyone is doing well, thanks.

How does Visioglobe market its product/services online?

Eric BERNARD: Visioglobe provides an indoor mapping software suite to improve indoor venues and visualize them on different devices. Our strategy to market Visioglobe products is based on identifying the audience to understand the customer. Our marketing team is very close to our sales and product teams to know our product well and all specificity to sell it, especially in a niche market like ours. Then we start a plan of action to promote our products and educate our audience about them. These actions include digital marketing levers through content strategy, social media, or search engines on Google.

What specific tools, software, and management skills are you using to manage your online marketing?

Eric BERNARD: Our marketing strategy is customer-centric, and we work on different marketing levers to communicate to the customer how we can make his life easier with our products. We work in particular on the positioning of our website through organic search engine referencing and Google Ads. We are also working on content marketing through regular blog posts about our products or commercial news. These blog posts help us to better position ourselves on google search, but above all, it allows us to talk about topics that can help our prospects and customers with a feature of our product, for example.

How is digital marketing important to stay in the game in front of competitors?

Eric BERNARD: We have competitors mostly in the US and in northern European countries that challenge us on our market. These competitors are, for us, a good thing because this shows real needs in the indoor mapping sector. Modern marketing allows us many ways to improve our visibility and increase sales of our products. It may be demanding to challenge our competitors in certain countries, and we must redouble our efforts and work on the best marketing levers and the best collaboration with the sales and product teams.

Your final thoughts?

Eric BERNARD: All teams at Visioglobe work closely together, whether it be sales, marketing, and products. We need to consider the need to better improve our products and better sell them.

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