Improve Your WordPress Blog’s SEO With A Google Sitemap

7 Must Have WordPress Killer Plugins: Optimize Your Sitemap And Ping Google

One of the great things of WordPress is the option to ping Technorati and many more services with every post, over the Pingomatic service. But things can be improved and in this tutorial we’ll show you the beauty of Arne Brachold’s Sitemap Genrator for WordPress.
With this plugin you automatically ping Google with every update to your site and let the crawlers know what you recently updated. You also have the option to rank your sites pages and entries in order of importance.

Watch the tubetorial to know how!

Flash video: 11:33 in duration

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Episode links:

Arne Brachold regularly updates his plugin and Version 3, with many more new features is available, but still in Beta status.

Tubetorial made by Michael Pick, a professional screencaster, when he is not swearing at Final Cut Pro on his Mac Book Pro.



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  1. I need help desiging, metatagging, html enoding, seo, sitemapping, crawling and adding everything I can….

    Please let me know if there is someone that can help me?

  2. Hi,

    I have added the sitemap generator but should there be a link on the page pointing to the sitemap? Or does this not matter?


  3. your video tutorials are the best i have ever encountered on the web. Well-illustrated, interesting and really simple to understand. Thanks a million 🙂

  4. Thanks for the Video. Very interesting to me, being a beginner blogger.

    Russ Wood –

  5. I am going to try this on one of my sites and see how it helps I found my site on page 15 of google which is pretty incredible considering I built it.

    Been looking for ways to improve seo looks like I dont really know anything about it before now.

  6. Up to now I have only been using Google Xml sitemasp
    I am glad you posted this tutorial as I wish to include viseos in my blogs sitemap
    Should improve seo and visually help readers’
    Good postr…….Thanks